1. Save your roaches

OK, so this can be a bit gross. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. There can be enough in a bunch of roaches for a joint, or bong.

2. Cut off the scavengers

We’ve all know the scavenger. they turn up for a sesh without any weed, full of promises that they’re going score but it never amounts to anything. Goodbye.

3. Use a vape

Vaporizers allow you to smoke less bud and get just as high. Plus they’re healthier.

4. Take a T-Break

If you’re finding that you need more weed to get high, it might be time for a T-Break.

5. Ease up on the blunts

Blunts are amazing, no arguments there. Not only do you need a lot of weed, which can be pricey, but you also need to buy blunt wraps. And they aren’t cheap, either.

7. Plan ahead

Split your weed into dime bags, and limit yourself to only one a day.

8. Corner your bowl

Lighting up the whole bowl burns through weed much faster. Cornering your bowl means you control the amount you’re using.

9. Use a one-hitter

These little one-hit-wonders are great for a little micro-dose of weed.

10. Leave some weed at home and store it in a jar

If you’re going out, don’t bring all your weed with you. The more you have, the more you smoke!