The holiday season can be a fun time for stoners. There are so many activities you can partake in that show your love of the holidays and your passion for pot. The options are endless.

This article will discuss the best holiday activities for stoners so you can decide how to have fun in the New Year.

Best Holiday Activities for Stoners

Decorate a Stoner Tree

If you look around, you will find various Christmas tree decorations that are perfect for stoners. Stoner Santas and snowmen, pot-leaf-shaped decorations, and psychedelic ornaments are just a few to choose from. They can be found at dispensaries and holiday pop-up shops. Hang them on your tree and create the ultimate stoner Xmas.

Make Holiday Edibles

Making holiday edibles is one of the best holiday activities for stoners. You can bake up cookies, brownies, and other infused goodies. Decorate them with a holiday theme to bring cheer.

You can also make stoner drinkables like infused hot chocolate or eggnog. Consume them yourself or share them with your friends. You can also serve them at parties or give them as gifts.

Buy Stoner Gifts for Your Friends

If you have stoner friends, you can’t go wrong giving them stoner gifts. There are so many options available. You can gift them flower, concentrates, capsules, or edibles. They may also enjoy accessories like pipes, vapes, or bongs. Stoner gear like t-shirts and hats will also do nicely.

And you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying stoner gifts for your friends. You can do a Secret Santa and keep your gifts under $20. It will add to the fun making it another one of the great holiday activities for stoners.

Make Stoner Decorations

Decorate your home for the perfect stoner holiday. Create a garland using faux pot leaves instead of pine. Add dried fruit and tinsel to make it even more lovely. Hang it across the walls in your home or wrap it around the tree.

You can decorate the rest of your home with pot leaves that have Christmas sayings or are decked out with Christmas colors. You will have fun making the decorations, hanging them around your home, and looking at them throughout the season. No wonder this is one of the best holiday activities for stoners.

Watch Stoner Holiday Movies

There aren’t many stoner holiday movies to choose from. Seth Rogen’s “The Night Before”, “A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas” and “Friday After Next” are a few that come to mind.

But if you’re stoned, almost any holiday movie can be a stoner holiday movie. For example, how funny is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” when you’re stoned? “Christmas Evil” and “A Christmas Story” are also good choices.

Watch them on your own or with friends to make one of the best holiday activities for stoners.

Make a Stoner Advent Calendar

Many of us are familiar with advent calendars. They are used to count off the days until Christmas. They will typically feature movable parts that can be moved, removed, or added to as each day goes by.

You can put a twist on the advent calendar theme by making it all about getting stoned. String up jars of your favorite cannabis products and mark them for each day in December. Consume them on the indicated day to anticipate Christmas in the best way possible.

Go to a Light Show

Many Christmas events make perfect holiday activities for stoners. But a light show must be the best activity of them all.

Pot makes colors look more vivid. It adds a mesmerizing effect to moving images. It makes holiday lights more interactive.

You can pay to go to a community display. Or, if you’d prefer a more low-key option, walk around your neighborhood and see what the neighbors have going on.

Build a Stonerman

And by this, I mean a stoner snowman.

Playing in the snow is one of the best holiday activities for stoners. Throw snow at your friends. Then set to work making a snowman. Put a carrot in its mouth to represent a blunt. Place a weed beanie on its head. Take pictures and send them to your friends as a personal holiday card.

Smoke Out of a Gingerbread House Pipe

Did you know you can create a pipe out of a gingerbread house? Making the pipe and smoking it are terrific holiday activities for stoners. Here are the steps you must take:

Make Infused S’mores

Homemade traditional smore on wooden table. AI generative.

Christmas is s’mores making season, and there’s no better way to make s’mores than with some infused chocolate.

Sit around the fireplace or firepit and melt your marshmallows. Place them between two graham crackers along with a square of infused chocolate. Eat up and enjoy.

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