Watching movies is a great pastime activity for stoners. But maybe you should keep it in the comedy genre. There are tons of horror movies not to watch when youre high.

Pot offers its share of benefits. But if you are prone to paranoia, watching a horror movie may not be the best idea. You will end up thinking someone is in the house.

And you also might want to avoid thinking about all those gross scenes. Like, don’t try to focus too much on whether someone’s skin actually can turn inside out and what that would involve.

Now that you know what we mean, let’s delve into the horror movies not to watch when youre high.

What are Horror Movies Not to Watch When Youre High?

Jacob’s Ladder

Talk about a harsh trip! This movie is about a Viet Nam vet (Tim Robbins) who experiences flashbacks after coming back from service. He slowly loses his mind throughout the film. There’s one scene where he watches a girl transform into a horrible monster while she’s dancing. It takes you to places you may not want to be!


This movie has gotten some mixed reviews, but it goes to the top of the list when it comes to horror movies not to watch when youre high. The plot line follows a woman (Jennifer Lawrence) whose quiet country life gets turned upside down when a new couple comes on the scene. It has been described as chaotic, frustrating, tense, and confusing. It will ramp your anxiety up to 11.

Lost Highway

You really can’t make a list of horror movies not to watch when youre high without throwing a David Lynch film into the mix. The real conundrum is figuring out which one to add. After much deliberation, we decided on Lost Highway. The plot follows intersecting stories, one about a jazz musician, and the other about a young mechanic, both of whom are tortured by sexual webs of deceit. But it’s the weird and threatening creepy overtones that will do you in.

Event Horizons

Event Horizons is a futuristic film that follows a crew of astronauts chasing around what appears to be a ghost spaceship. The plotline may not seem that anxiety-ridden, but with nightmarish scenes coming quickly and unexpectedly, it may just put you in the wrong headspace. And let’s not even talk about that scene where one crew member rips out his eyes… whoops!

The Cell

The Cell may seem an unlikely choice for horror movies not to watch when youre high due to its somewhat tame nature. But the visuals are traumatic. It follows FBI agent Catherine Dean (Jennifer Lopez) as she goes into the mind of a serial killer. The disturbing images are triggering, to say the least.

Naked Lunch

If you want to find out why Naked Lunch made our list of horror movies not to watch when youre high, you need only to look up the plot. It’s so convoluted, that we’re not going to attempt to summarize it here. But if bugs make your skin crawl, you’ll stay away. Top it off with bizarre sex scenes, alien conspiracies, and murder, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for movies to avoid when you’re hitting the old MJ.


Mandy tells the story of an off-the-grid couple whose lives are thrown into upheaval after an encounter with a mysterious cult. The man takes a horror-filled journey characterized by dramatic music and horrific visuals that can make your trip a wild one- and not in a good way. You will be having nightmares about the cheddar goblin for months!


Just the title of this move is likely to have your skin crawling. And yes, it’s everything you would imagine. Enter the mind of a discharged military vet (Michael Shannon) who believes he has bugs crawling under his skin. And then watch him tear at his skin throughout the movie. Um, can you say gross and weird?

Messiah of Evil

Messiah of Evil is one of those weird films that will have you asking, ‘Uh, what just happened?’ To the best of our knowledge, the plotline follows a woman who travels to a coastal town to look for her father. Imagine her chagrin when it turns out the town is controlled by the undead. The spookiness, the erratic plotline, and some high-THC pot may not make the best combination.

Don’t Look Now

This movie has a heavy plotline involving a couple that loses their child and then travels to Venice to restore an old church. It just so happens that there’s a murderer on the loose in their new location. Foreboding warnings from fortune tellers, weird sex scenes, and general tension make this one an obvious choice for horror movies not to watch when youre high.

The Shining

Dating back to 1980, this may be the original horror movie to avoid when you’re stoned. Following the plot of a man losing his mind, the creepy twins, the zombie chick in the bathtub, and the weird carpet print combine for a paranoia-inducing free-for-all. The ghostly undertones will haunt you for months.


When a couple travel to Sweden to visit their friend’s hometown to take in their traditional Midsommar festival, you think, what could go wrong? You quickly find out that the people their friend grew up with can better be described as members of a bizarre pagan cult. The terrifying visuals and trippy plotline rank it as one of the top horror movies not to watch when youre high.

Now that you know the main horror movies not to watch when youre high, which will you be selecting the next time you light up?