Bud, Ganga, Mary Jane, reefer, flower. According to slang scholar Jonathon Green, there are at least 120 slang terms for weed. Where do they all come from?

Slang terms for weed are as old as weed itself. The earliest recorded slang goes back to the 16th century when people first used it because they didn’t want the police to know what they were talking about. Today’s police are a bit savvier, but slang is still used to describe weed and its effects as a sign of community.

How many slang terms for weed can you think of? Read on to learn a few that we’ve come up with.

Slang Terms for Weed

Airplane, parachute, pocket rocket: These slang terms for weed are appropriate because weed gets you high.

Amnesia: Because pot makes you forgetful

Climb: We’re not sure if this one is because weed gets you high or because it makes you climb the walls


This one took me down the rabbit hole.

Some people say that the term originated because Elvis was at an event with his crew when they saw smoke coming from a tour bus. They wondered what was causing the smoke. Elvis answered, “Oh, it’s the Doobies.” The Doobie Brothers were in the bus smoking pot and the name stuck.

But then, how did the Doobie Brothers get their name? Legend has it that it referred to their pot habit. So, it’s a bit of the chicken and the egg, isn’t it?

Well, if you look at the English Language and Usage website, you’ll find that the origin of doobie as one of the slang terms for weed is unknown. However, it may be linked to the word dobby/dobbie which means “silly old man” because weed makes you silly.  

It also may be the source of Dooby in Scooby Dooby Doo.

Good Giggles: Because weed makes you laugh

Houdini: Because weed makes you escape reality


Reefer is derived from the Spanish word Grifo which refers to tangled, frizzy hair. You can see how it can also refer to the mental state of someone who smoked marijuana. The term then became greefo which then morphed into reefer.


Although some use the term spliff to refer to any joint, it is specific to a joint rolled with tobacco. It originated in Jamaica and the West Indies. Beyond that, its integration as one of the slang terms for weed remains a mystery.

Ace: Because weed is superior

Baby: Because people love it like their babies

Green Goddess: Because of the color and the enjoyable experience

Alfalfa, asparagus, broccoli, parsley, grass, sassafras: Because weed is a plant

Green: Because of its color

Herb: Herb is one of the slang terms for weed that’s popular with Rastafarians. It is so-called because it is natural like other herbs.

Mary Jane: A pun on marijuana

Da Kine: Kine is a Hawaiian pidgin term that means excellent. It can be applied to anything, but it is often used to describe marijuana. See also “kine bud” and “kind bud”.

Dona Juanita: This term means Lady Jane in Spanish. It’s a play on Mary Jane.


Marijuana is the Spanish name for the cannabis plant. Today, people use it to describe THC. They reserve cannabis to describe the plant itself including its non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

Many legal U.S. markets have tried to move away from the term marijuana due to its association with the illegal drug trade. However, it remains one of the more popular slang terms for weed.


This is one of those slang terms for marijuana that deserves a deep dive.

The term muggle dates to the days of prohibition when people who used marijuana were nicknamed muggleheads. Some say it is a vernacular term for marijuana. However, it can also refer to the British slang term mug which means “an easily fooled person”.

If you are a Harry Potter fan, you may think of nasty aunts and uncles when you hear the word muggle. The book’s term probably also stems from the British slang definition. Unless J.K. Rowling was doing some serious reefer when she wrote those books.

Pot: Pot has become such a commonplace term for marijuana, that you may wonder if it’s even considered one of the slang terms for weed. It’s derived from the word potiguaya, a Spanish word for marijuana leaves.

Rainy Day Woman: Derived from the Bob Dylan song with the chorus line, “Everybody must get stoned.”

Thirteen: Because the first letter for marijuana, M, is the thirteenth letter of the alphabet

Alligator Cigarette: Because a joint puffs out in the middle like an alligator’s body. It may also refer to an alligator’s generally slow pace.

Blunt: Blunt refers to a joint rolled from cigar paper. The slang is derived from the cigar brand Phillies Blunt.

Stogie: Stogie was originally the slang term for a cigar. Today it is used to describe a blunt or an oversized joint. It is an abbreviation for Conestoga, a large heavy horse breed. The men who drove these horses were known to smoke cigars.

Cabbage: This is a slang term for poor-quality bud. It likely originated due to the appearance of subpar weed which tends to have a light, cabbage-like color.

senior coon man

Catnip: This term is used to refer to inferior or fake weed.

Chronic: Chronic describes weed with strong effects

Dank: Kind of like the term bad, dank started out describing unpleasant, swamp-like things but eventually came to describe good things like high-quality weed.

Nixon: Named for President Nixon, this term refers to poor-quality bud being sold as high-quality reefer.

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