It’s a Thursday evening. After a long day of work, you want to relax and wind down before getting started on your dinner. It’s almost routine at this point: time to roll up. You want the best experience when it comes to smoking weed. As such, it’s important to invest equally in quality weed and quality rolling paper. These 4 best rolling papers for joints should give you enough options for the next time you’re browsing for new rolling papers. Make sure to choose the rolling paper that best suits your needs and smoking preferences. 

What are rolling papers? 

Rolling papers are an item every stoner and cannabis enthusiast is familiar with. For those who are still learning about weed and its required equipment, here’s a quick summary. 

Rolling papers are used to, literally, roll up your weed into a cylinder that makes it easy for you to smoke. Most people would consider these to be joints. Although most of the time they can be cylinders, they can vary in size and shape. Depending on your rolling paper and skillset, you can make large and heavily packed joints. If you like smaller and quick joints, you can make them mini-sized. And if you like a fun challenge, you should try making the cross-joint like from the stoner movie, Pineapple Express

Weed rolled up in rolling papers are considered joint, and not blunts. Joints are also slightly healthier than blunts. This is because of the material they’re made of. Blunts are basically hollowed-out cigars. They usually are sold with tobacco stuffed into them. Stoners will buy them and toss out the tobacco. They’ll keep the outside layer to pack in weed. Unfortunately, the wrap of cigars is still highly toxic. Even after removing all of the tobacco, it can still contain toxins that cause cancer.

On the other hand, rolling paper is made with better quality ingredients. Paper made for rolling up weed differs from regular paper that you can write on. Writing a paper is usually made from wood fibers, hence why it consumes trees when we use that kind of paper. On the contrary, rolling papers are made from non-wood fibers. This opens the door for a wide variety of rolling papers. 

Types of Rolling Paper 

Because rolling paper is made from non-wood fibers, it means that there is a wide selection of the type of rolling paper that can be produced. Depending on what they’re made of, rolling papers can make a significant difference in your overall smoking experience.

Learning about the different materials that go into making rolling papers may help you make a decision about which one is best for you. The types of rolling papers include: 

4 Best Rolling Papers for Joints 

Choosing the perfect rolling paper for yourself can help make the difference between a standard or elevated smoking experience. Here are the best 4 rolling papers for joints for you to choose from: 

High hemp papers 

First, we have High Hemp Papers. This brand is perfect for those who desire a clean and untainted smoking experience. It’s also a great option if you’re a little more health-conscious than most. The process of making these papers requires a flash dehydration system. This helps preserve the chlorophyll from its organic hemp. This creates a natural light green tone on the rolling papers. 

RAW Rolling Papers

Second, RAW rolling papers are a very commonly used brand of rolling paper. They’re known as the best and most reliable. They produce a hemp rolling paper that burns smoothly and slowly. You can’t go wrong with classic Raw products. 

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers 

Another classic option is Zig-Zag rolling papers, which date back to 1879. This rolling paper brand is popular among those beginning to smoke weed. In fact, some experts dislike the brand to the thickness of the paper. Regardless, this brand has existed for so long, it’s created a number of varieties. They have something for everyone, from beginners to vegans to connoisseurs. 

Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Just as the name suggests, this brand is made of 100% organic hemp. Their production process doesn’t include any bleaching nor do they contain artificial ingredients. This company prides itself on being tree-free and working to keep its environmental impact to a minimum. This rolling paper brand is perfect who wish to be more conscious about their own consumption.