Valentine’s Day is around the corners. A day for love and friendship. Usually, if you’re in a relationship you’re planning to spend this holiday with your significant other. Valentine’s Day is a day where you can, and should, display your immense love for one another. It’s also a fun day to get intimate, both emotionally and physically. Intimacy requires a sense of comfort and relaxation. CBD products can enhance these feelings and are sure to spice up this holiday. Here are 4 sexy CBD products for Valentine’s Day in 2022. 

The Benefits of CBD

CBD is popularly known for its benefits. CBD can be valuable in several ways that are different from THC. CBD and THC are both chemical components of cannabis. THC is responsible for the euphoric sensations we experience when smoking or consuming weed. On the other hand, CBD can help treat physical pain and discomfort without mentally intoxicating you. 

Most often, people use CBD to help with their anxiety and stress. CBD can be extremely helpful in this aspect. In fact, many professional athletes rely on CBD to help them deal with the stress of training. 

Similarly, CBD aids them with muscle relaxation. Professional athletes and those who often exercise can use CBD to get their body to ease up while it’s recovering. 

The way CBD helps with anxiety, stress, and muscle relaxations are all great reasons to include it in your Valentine’s Day plans this year. 

How CBD Can Enhance Intimacy

The effects of CBD can help you enhance intimacy with your partner on Valentine’s Day. According to this article from Healthline, CBD can affect the way your body responds to sex. Since this chemical component affects physical sensations, it may provide you with a whole new experience when getting intimate. 

First, users describe a sense of increased sensitivity. This is because CBD increases the blood flow to tissues. This is the same reason why it’s so beneficial for muscle treatment. Increased sensitivity can also be linked to increased pleasure. 

Pleasure during intimacy while using CBD can also be attributed to something else. CBD can help treat pain. Some women experience physical pain when engaging in sexual activity due to chronic conditions like endometriosis. Incorporating CBD can help minimize the pain and shift the focus to pleasure. 

It’s not often for men to experience painful conditions like that during sex. Regardless, it can still be beneficial for other reasons. Aside from relaxation and pleasure, CBD can address other issues men may experience. A major problem would be erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man cannot get nor maintain an erection for sex. CBD is said to be able to with blood flow, thus granting men the ability to get erect. 

A survey conducted by Remedy Review found that 68% of people said CBD helped their sex life and their overall mood. Additional benefits of CBD to consider are that it can decrease and prevent irritation and it can set the right mood for Valentine’s Day. 

4 Sexy CBD Products for Valentine’s Day

Here are 4 sexy CBD products for Valentine’s Day. You can try these with your partner(s) or solo if you’d like. Regardless of the number of people involved, these CBD products will definitely have you feeling the spirit of Valentine’s Day. 

First, there’s Kush Queen Water Based CBD Lube. Since it’s water-based, it’s compatible with latex and it also works well on both men and women. You won’t have to worry about it causing stains on the sheets because it’s non-staining. Additionally, this CBD product also works well for those with sensitive skin. 

Then, there’s Playboy CBD Arousal Spray. This CBD product is great for those nights of adventure. This vanilla-scented oil will enhance your sensitivity and blood flow. It’s composed of multiple plant ingredients, including hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is great for moisturization, which will leave your body feeling soft. 

If you want something a little more classic in terms of cannabis, try Miss Grass XXX Hemp + Herb Minis. These mini joints are not only adorable, but they will get you ready in the mood for Valentine’s Day. They’re made with organic full-spectrum hemp flower along with other organic herbs. This product has a tad bit of THC, but the percentage is small enough that you won’t feel high. 

Maybe you want something that can be used as an activity for Valentine’s Day. Life Elements Bath Bomb is a great CBD option. A warm bath with candles and this bath bomb will be a perfect way to spend the evening on this holiday. It’ll help you ease down and unwind. It may also help you get in the mood for intimacy. These bath bombs come in 3 different strengths: 50mg, 100mg, or 200mg.