We’ve reached the COVID-19 anniversary. Cheers to us who made it through this unpredictable year, and cheers to the green that helped us through it. Compared to last year, the state regulations are much lighter. This is thanks to the declining numbers of COVID-19 cases and the distribution of vaccines. We can now get together with a number of friends indoors so long as they’re vaccinated. Businesses are also open with capacity limits. As we approach another 420 where we’re still under some sort of regulations, here’s a list of fun ideas of ways to celebrate 420.    

  1. Movie Marathon    

  Watching movies is a fun way to celebrate 420 while staying in and getting high. There are many classic stoner movies that match the mood of 420. You can watch Friday, Cheech and Chong: Up In Smoke, or Pineapple Express. It also takes minimal effort to set up, whether it be in your bedroom or living room. You can invite a few friends over, or even host streaming parties. Gather your essential snacks and binge fun movies.    

  1. Dance Party  

  An aspect of life we all miss is parties. Now with new COVID regulations, it’s allowed more room to go back to a similar lifestyle as before. Host a dance party this year with a few friends. If you don’t feel completely comfortable having people over yet, ZOOM is a great application that has helped many people stay connected throughout quarantine through video chatting. You can decorate your place in a 420 theme to make it more fun. Go ahead and make a playlist with your favorite tunes and get grooving in your own house.    

  1. Nature Hike  

  A great high experience can come from being outdoors. If you love being surrounded by nature when you’re high, the OC has many hiking trails to offer. And luckily, new COVID regulations allow people to go back hiking while keeping social distancing in mind. A few good trails to visit would be Crystal Cove Hike in Laguna Beach, Quail Hill Trail in Irvine, and Carbon Canyon Nature Trail in Brea. Hiking would be a great option to celebrate 420, just don’t forget to hydrate!    

  1. Spring Cleaning  

  Although this may not be the most fun idea in the list, it may be necessary. If you tend to neglect your smoking supplies, spring cleaning is a great opportunity to care for your items. On this 420, take the time to clean out your preferred smoking supplies. Clean out your bong, pipes, ashtrays, or grinders. This will give you a sense of accomplishment, as well as clean supplies to enhance your smoking experience.    

  1. Bake While Baked  

 Back to the fun stuff! Baking while baked can be such an interesting way to celebrate 420. For this idea, it’s important to keep safety in mind when dealing with kitchen utensils. You can try getting high beforehand and baking fun treats for yourself, or you can make special treats by adding cannabutter or oils. Either way it’s done, you’ll be enjoying delicious baked goods on 420. You can bake a cake, cookies, or the classic brownies.    

  1. Art Museum  

 If on 420 you’re trying to feel cultured and appreciate art, visiting an art museum is the way to go. Orange County has multiple art museums that are now open at limited capacity. These museums show many paintings and sculptures of different subjects, all more interesting than the next. Invite a friend or go on your own. Sit in front of a painting stoned while you try to break it down. A few museums you could visit are: the Laguna Museum of Art, the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, and the Hilbert Museum of California Art in Orange.    

  1. Beach Picnic  

  The warm sun and the sound of rolling waves hits differently when you’re high. Living in SoCal means we have plenty of beautiful beaches available to us. Why not take advantage? Pack a comfortable blanket, snacks and drinks, and don’t forget a speaker to play music that matches your vibe.    

  1. Pool Party  

  If you want the wonderful qualities of the warm sun and refreshing water, but don’t exactly feel like going out in public, a pool party is a better alternative. Hosting a pool party at home can be more comfortable and private with family and friends. Blow up a few pool floats and inflatable beach balls to play with while cooling down with cannabis drinks.    

  1. Joint Rolling Contest    

  A joint rolling contest is perfect if you have a competitive spirit or simply want an activity for your 420 celebration. You’ll need the essentials: your preferred strain of weed, rolling paper, filters, and a tray to roll it on. See who can make it the quickest, the neatest, or the biggest joint. Call over a few friends and hold a prize for the winner to make it more interesting.    

  1. Game Night  

 420 celebrations can also be chill and relaxing. Having a classic night with friends can be a fun way to celebrate this special holiday. The games you can offer are jenga, connect four, or even charades. Any game can take a fun twist if you’re getting high with friends. Gather up some close friends and have an amazing 420 celebration.