Our way of life has shifted significantly in the past 2 years. In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S. and required us to adjust the way we live. Due to the lockdown and other regulations to ensure the public’s safety, every type of interaction shifted to an online method. The same goes for our way of shopping. Even for stoners, online shopping can be a safe and effective way of browsing cannabis and cannabis-related products. Online shops can also help stoners find fun and niche products that can’t be found in stores. Here are 5 trendy online shops for stoners to check out. 

Online shops are not a new concept. They’ve existed way before COVID lockdowns, and have only grown since their creation. In fact, eBay–one of the first forms of online shopping–went live on the internet in 1995. As technology continued to develop, it also became an essential part of our day-to-day lives. 

Now we have thousands of websites where you can order products from. Currently, we have services like Amazon Prime that offer one-day and same-day shipping. Not only can shoppers find products that are ultimately cheaper, but they can also save time while customizing their shopping experience. 

Although online shopping was already a growing trend, the COVID-19 helped more people transition into online shopping. 

The Advantages of Online Shopping During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic truly highlighted the advantages of online shopping. The COVID lockdown in 2020 required everyone to stay home. Aside from essential duties, like grocery shopping, errands, and work, everyone was advised to stay home. For those who were autoimmune and disabled, stepping out posed more of a risk. 

Online shops provided people who didn’t want to risk the ability to buy anything they wanted to. Since then, the e-commerce market has continued to grow. In fact, it grew 16.4% in value in 2021 from 2020. 

This may be due to the advantages of online shopping: 

5 Trendy Online Shops for Stoners 

Stoners can greatly benefit from online shopping. Due to cannabis regulations, it can be hard to find physical stores with the products you want or need. When stoners purchase their items online, they’re able to save time and be productive too. 

Typical weed websites may provide you with similar products. If you’re looking for something refreshing, here are 5 trendy online shops for stoners to check out. 

Burning Love Shop

Burning Love is a shop with specially curated smoking equipment. They carry a range of items, from bongs to pipes to grinders and trays. Everything you need to get your smoke on, you can find in the Burning Love shop. This shop is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and is filled with many cute items to add to your stoner collection. 

Antique Bong

Much like the name suggests, this online shop provides its weed-friendly customers with bongs. Their bongs are very unique. They come in the shape of antique ceramic and glass vases. Antique Bongs also provides trays and other useful equipment for stoners. It’s doubtful that you will be able to find stoner products like these elsewhere. 

Cloud Commons

If you’re into more simple and modern stoner products, Cloud Commons is a perfect online shop for you. Cloud Commons is a wellness and relaxation brand for elevated, healthy lifestyles, incorporating plant-medicine and positive mental practices. This cannabis-related store offers pipes, trays, and even bongs. They’re all made in a simple and sleek design. Though their products are on the more expensive side, they certainly provide quality products. Cloud Commons is founded and run by 2 Brooklyn artists.

The High Toad 

Sometimes you need fun items to store your weed in. If you want affordable and fun jars to store your weed in, The High Toad is a great option. Their Etsy shop has a selection of decorated jars from which to choose. The High Toad’s stash jars guarantee quality. They are air-tight, so you won’t have to worry about the loudness of your weed creeping out. The jars are also food grade, so you won’t have to worry about the state of your weed. For jars that will grant you peace of mind, check out The High Toad. 

Woodhouse Pottery 

Stoners who enjoy something a little out of the ordinary will want to check out Woodhouse Pottery. This shop made it onto the 5 trendy online shops for stoners due to its originality in weed-related products. This shop is owned and run by Lauren Woodhouse. Woodhouse offers smoking equipment, such as pipes and jars. Don’t be fooled though! All of her items come in completely unique shapes. From fruit-shaped pipes to donuts to rocket ships, you’ll definitely have a blast simply looking at her Etsy shop.