Cannabis products carry many benefits. Its most known characteristic is its calming and sleepy effect. This may be why there’s a certain sleepy, stoner stereotype for those who smoke weed. Although this is not true for every cannabis product, there may be some truth behind this idea. If you’re interested in trying cannabis products to improve your quality of sleep, but don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered. Here are the 6 best cannabis products for sleep you should try. 

According to the Sleep Foundation, the cannabinoids in cannabis interact with cannabinoid receptors in the brain. When this occurs, they send messages to the brain to increase the level of adenosine, which may cause you to get sleepy. The interaction of cannabinoids also causes your brain to suppress its arousal system, meaning you’ll have an easier time going to sleep and staying asleep.

6 Best Cannabis Products for Sleep: Caliva Cookies and Cream

Caliva is a cannabis brand dedicated to promoting higher standards and sustainable growth in the cannabis industry. They sell cannabis products ranging from flower to pre-rolls to cartridges. If you’re looking for a great cannabis product for sleep, try Caliva’s Cookies and Cream. Cookies and Cream is an extremely potent hybrid between GSC Pheno and Starfighter.

If you’re looking for a subtle smoke, this is not for you. Although this flower has aromas of sweet vanilla and dulce de leche, it also carries a sour, earthly undertone. This combination provides a skunky smoke. This 2014 Best Hybrid Flower winner of the Denver Cannabis cup will definitely have you ready for bed. Smoking this will give an uplifting feel before bringing you down into a wave of blissed-out relaxation. 

6 Best Cannabis Products for Sleep: Brulee

Brulee is a strain from Maven Genetics. This flower is sure to have you sleepy and relaxed when you’re done with it. Brulee is derived from Peanut Butter Breath and Garlic Butter. This interesting combination gives you a rich, nutty and earthy aroma. Smoking this Indica will leave a smooth and savory taste in your mouth. This strain is meant to for those who wish to decompress and enter a relaxed state of mind. It creates a cerebral uplift while easing the mind of anxiety and stress. Pack a bowl of Brulee and wind down after a long days work. This cannabis product is sure to have you ready for sleep. 

6 Best Cannabis Products for Sleep: Humboldt Apothecary

Smoking isn’t for everyone. Maybe you enjoy a daytime smoke, but want to try something different for the nighttime. Humboldt Apothecary is a women-owned and operated cannabis brand that is committed to sustainable and environment-friendly practices and ingredients. Their tinctures are a great cannabis product for sleep. Calm CBD is a tincture that has both CBD and THC (3:1). This cannabis product will reduce feelings of anxiety. It will get you ready for bed while promoting stress relief and relaxation. 

6 Best Cannabis Products for Sleep: YK Drops – Camp Fire S’mores

Yummi Karma is a long-time manufacturer in the cannabis industry. Their products are always top quality, potent, and not to mention delicious. Owned and led by two sisters, Yummi Karma has something for everyone. Their YK Drops, specifically their Camp Fire S’mores, are a sweet treat great for cold, holiday nights. This tincture is sure to give you some nostalgic feeling of chilly nights around a campfire. These drops combine infused MCT oil with 600 mg of THC. This highly doused tincture is sure to have you happy and relaxed by the end of the night. 

6 Best Cannabis Products for Sleep: Kiva Midnight Mint Bar

Kiva Confections is a cannabis brand known for providing top-quality and delicious edibles. If you want a sweet treat that will help you get into a sleepy state, try Kiva Confection’s Midnight Mint Bar. Midnight Mint contains a combination of 5 mg of THC and 2 mg of CBD per piece. This balance is great for a good night’s sleep that will leave you both rested and refreshed. Don’t feel guilty indulging in this dark chocolate treat late at night, it’s all in the name of your sleep schedule. 

6 Best Cannabis Products for Sleep: Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm 

If it’s actual physical pain, like from arthritis, back problems, or anything else, try Papa & Barkley Releaf Balm. Papa & Barkley is a cannabis brand that produces cannabis-based medicine to help alleviate pain. Their Releaf Balm is a concentrated cannabis-infused salve meant to relax and calm the body. It’s made with organic oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender. This nourishing balm is plant-based and strong against pain. This cannabis product won’t make you high, but it will give your body that physical relaxation you need to feel ready for bed. Apply the balm liberally where needed and get ready to have your body calm and ease into a sleepy state.