We’ve made it to Christmas 2021! Although the weather outside is frightful, it doesn’t mean we can’t have our own fun inside. Christmas is a magical holiday we can celebrate with those we love. You may be looking for a new way to celebrate Christmas. Staying toasty warm and having fun can be even better when you include some weed. If you’re a stoner looking for some Christmas activities to try out, we got you. Here are 6 fun Christmas activities for stoners you need to try. 

Watch Christmas Movies 

One of the most classic Christmas activities: watching Christmas movies. Not only are they very entertaining, but they also give most of us a nostalgic feeling about Christmas. This fun Christmas activity you can do with everyone you’re celebrating the holidays with. You can pick something fun and light, like Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Home Alone, or Mickey’s Christmas movie. 

Maybe you want something a little more adult-humored. Other Christmas movies to watch this year are A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, The Night Before, and A Bad Mom’s Christmas. Whatever your movie preference is, you can find a good one to watch this holiday. Just don’t forget to smoke a bit before (or during) the movie. 

Most of your favorite movies can be watched on any streaming platform you have a subscription to. If you want to go old-school, you can watch it on a DVD or VHS. 

Baking Edibles 

Baking sweet treats for the holidays is a perfect activity for stoners to try. First, baking helps create and retain heat within the house. This means you can spend your holidays toasty warm while you wait for some delicious sweets. Second, baking means you receive something delicious at the end of the process. And you can choose to make literally anything you want: cookies, cake, cupcakes, anything!

Lastly, you can add a fun twist to what you’re baking. Christmas-themed edibles can be made easily. Start by choosing what Christmas treats you want to bake. You can make snickerdoodle cookies, snowmen sugar cookies, or red velvet cupcakes. Follow the recipe as usual, but add in a desired amount of cannabutter. This way, your favorite Christmas baked goods will make you feel a little extra special this holiday season. 

But if baking isn’t your thing, we get it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t miss out on delicious edibles. There is a large variety of already made edibles for you to choose from. For example, there’s Big Pete’s Treats Cinnamon & Sugar Cookies and Moon’s Cosmic Cappacino chocolate. 

Build A Gingerbread House 

Building a gingerbread house can be a very fun Christmas activity to do by yourself or with others. After smoking a joint or bowl, whatever your preference is, try to build a creative gingerbread house. Most sets can be bought at stores and come with pieces to make houses or Santa’s sled. 

This fun Christmas activity is bound to get messy. See who amongst you and your loved ones can build the most decorated or creative gingerbread house. 

Spiked Hot Cider/Hot Cocoa

Delicious hot drinks are the best during the holiday season! There are many options to choose from. First, there’s hot cider, a warm drink made from apple juice. Then, there’s hot cocoa, a delicious drink made with chocolate and usually topped with small marshmallows. Lastly, there’s “ponche navideño” which is a warm fruit punch with many spices. 

All of these are fantastic to include in your holiday celebrations. They’re tasty, conforming, and sure to keep you feeling warm. If you’re looking to switch things up a bit, you can spike the hot drinks. As a stoner, you can also spike these drinks with cannabis. 

Similar to baking, you can add cannabis during the cooking process. This will ensure that your Christmas hot drinks will be infused with weed. 

Holiday Themed Paint and Sip

This activity is fun and relaxing. It’s for those who wish to have a more laid-back Christmas celebration. Have a holiday-themed Paint and Sip! For those who don’t know, a Paint and Sip is a group activity where you paint and drink together. 

Your drink can range from wine to the hot drinks previously mentioned, or even other cannabis-infused beverages. You can choose whatever best fits your mood. 

As for the painting, you can print out a few holiday-themed images. For example, you may want a simple Christmas tree to color or a detailed landscape. This activity is meant to include many people and just have fun with loved ones. 

Look At Christmas Lights 

This last suggestion is the easiest. Since it’s Christmas, it’s most likely you have put up all the decorations you wanted to. Have a blast by getting high and looking at all the Christmas lights in your house and on your tree. You may learn to appreciate them with a new perspective. 

If the ones at home aren’t enough, you can always take a walk around your neighborhood and appreciate other people’s decorations. Some people go all out and may have something you’ve never seen before.