Smoking weed can have extremely relaxing effects. In fact, that’s why most people smoke weed. It can help with anxiety, depression, and even physical pain. Occasionally, smoking weed can also help with focus and productivity. If you feel like doing something productive, but also want to relax and chill out while you’re high, you can try therapeutic activities. Also known as recreational therapy, therapeutic activities involve tasks that help relax and center you while building skills and improving the overall quality of life. There are many more benefits to participating in recreational therapy, especially while high. If you’re interested in knowing what you can do, here are 6 therapeutic activities to do high. 

The benefits of therapeutic activities to do while high

There are many benefits to participating in therapeutic activities while high. Similar to cannabis, recreational therapy is highly beneficial for people’s mental, physical, and emotional health. Recreational therapy is used in multiple places, including hospitals, schools, mental health facilities, and even assisted living facilities. 

It’s widely used in the medical field due to its extensive benefits. These benefits include but are not limited to: 


Yoga is a popular form of physical exercise involving stretching and different poses. There’s a heavy focus on your breathing technique and mindfulness during the exercise. Yoga also involves the mental and spiritual practice of mindfulness. This therapeutic activity originates from northern India an estimated 5,000 years ago. This ancient practice helps many people today regulate their body, thoughts, and emotions. 

Practicing yoga while being high can help you enter the right mind center a lot faster. Additionally, being high can help relax your nerves and muscles, which will allow for a better and more relaxed experience. 


Similar to Yoga, this therapeutic practice originates from India many centuries ago. The act of meditating helps you connect better to your physical body. Additionally, it helps regulate all the brain chatter you may experience throughout the day. Meditating has undeniable health benefits reported by those who practice it, such as improved focusing and reduced feelings of anxiety.

Combining weed and mediation can be equally beneficial. In fact, the act of combining the two has long been done for spiritual and religious reasons. Performing this therapeutic activity high can help you reach deeper levels of concentration. There are also so many other benefits to meditating while being high

Listen To Music

Music can have a strong effect on your mood. It can make you feel happy and joyful, or sad and lonely. The practice of using music as a form of therapy can help address the social, cognitive, and even psychological needs of a person. Listening to music can provide a form of expression, as well as anxiety and stress management. It can be extremely beneficial to a person who is experiencing such problems. 

When you listen to music when you’re high, it’s a different experience from when you’re sober. It can help you pick up on sounds in the music you didn’t notice before. Next time you smoke, try putting on some music and see how this therapeutic activity can help you. 

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a great therapeutic activity to do high. This can involve painting or drawing in a peaceful environment. Making art as a form of therapy can decrease stress, provide emotional expression, and allow for self-discovery. There are many more benefits to art therapy

Gather up some paper, pencils, coloring tools, and some weed. You could even use a coloring book if you just want to chill out while being creative. 


According to the CDC, swimming is the fourth most popular sports activity in the United States. This therapeutic activity is done in the water, which provides physical and mental health benefits for all ages. The water takes a lot of stress off your bones and joints, which may be helpful for those suffering from arthritis or similar problems. 

Smoke a bowl and jump into the cool water of your pool. Relax under the warm sun while your body enters a state of euphoria. Remember, if you’re not good at swimming, avoid deep waters, especially if you’re high. 

Pet Therapy

Our pets can provide such a positive impact on our lives. They can provide their owners with deep connections of unconditional love. Interacting with your pet has been shown to reduce levels of stress and signs of depression, as well as offer a boost in serotonin. 

Importantly, if you’re planning to spend time with your pet while high, make sure to be safe. Smoking around animals may present health issues for them. Ensure their safety by smoking while they’re not around or consuming cannabis in another form. Alternative and safe options include edibles and tinctures.