September brings new beginnings and journeys. For many college students, it means the beginning of a new semester. The college experience is an unforgettable time where you learn new things and meet new people. On the other hand, it’s also a challenging and stressful time. The amount of hard work many students put into their classes and lives is impressive. With the hard work, comes a good amount of play. If you’re a college student who enjoys smoking weed, here are the 7 best strains for college students going back to school. 

If you’re a college student that’s new to weed or wants to try it out, here are a few tips you should read beforehand. Then, you can continue on here to explore different strains to try. It’s always important to remember that strain descriptions are not claims, effects can and will vary from person to person. 

Best Indica Strains for College Students

Cherry Glaze | Indica

There’s nothing quite like this strain. Cherry Glaze is an indica strain that will be perfect for college students going back to school. This strain is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Cherry Glaze helps stimulate the mind with a serene and tranquil high. It makes it great for smoking after a long day of classes and when you want to unwind. It has Grand Daddy Purple in its lineage, it’ll provide a similar sense of tranquility. Additionally, the way this strain relaxes and gives euphoric feelings makes it great for a mental reset. 

Cherry Glaze has an unmistakable strong aroma of harsh, skunky smell that’s complemented by sweet berries and fruit. Your palate will be met with a sweet and tart first taste. 

Strawberries & Cream | Indica

Strawberries and Cream is a delicious indica leaning strain with a super relaxing effect. College students going back to school would benefit from this strain’s stress and anxiety-relieving properties. This strain grows extremely dense nugs that pack a punch. They’re made up of fern-green leaves, with short tiger-orange hairs, and completely covered in long frosty white trichomes. Strawberries & Cream has a sweet, earthy, and herbal aroma and flavor profile. It’s perfect for that nice, ideal euphoric high. 

Marathon OG | Indica

The canna-pros at The Cure Company collaborated with the late rapper Nipsey Hussle to create this exclusive strain: The Maraton OG. It’s named after a series of classic mixtapes produced by Nipsey Hussle. This strain features earthy and spiced lemony flavors, perfect for total relaxation. If you’re a college student who needs to relax and chill at your place, this strain is perfect for it. Maybe you need a little creative boost for that first back-to-school assignment. Marathon OG’s flowery and pine aroma and flavor will definitely get the job done. 

Best Sativa Strains for College Students

Sweet Dreams | Sativa

This strain is an aromatic experience for any weed smoker. First off, Sweet Dreams is a Sativa leaning strain that’s derived from Candyland and Blue Dream. If you’re familiar with any of those two, then you know the relaxing and euphoric effects Sweet Dreams can have. Additionally, Sweet Dreams has piney and floral aromas, similar to walking through a peaceful forest. This strain is great for college students who are seeking relief from stress, depression, and mild physical pain. 

Bullrider | Sativa

A Sativa dominant hybrid cross between G12 and Skunk #1, this strain is an energetic experience. Bullrider has strong aromas of powerful citrus and pine. Moreover, it carries other undertones of spice, skunk, vanilla, and even sour candy. This strain is perfect for those college students who enjoy a wake-n-bake. Bullrider prepares you to take on the day with energy and focus. This top-shelf cannabis flower is perfect for college students heading back to school. 

Best Hybrid Strains for College Students

Orange Cookie Dough | Hybrid

Orange Cookie Dough, the name sounds interestingly flavorful, right? This strain provides a pleasant body high without giving an overly sedating cerebral effect. Similarly, it’s great for college students who wish to have a chill high without a couch lock. Orange Cookie Dough is an enjoyable strain that contains sweet cookie flavors with fresh orange. It’s perfect for a daytime high while keeping the user relaxed and creative. 

Wedding Cake | Hybrid

Last, but definitely not least, there’s Wedding Cake. It’s a result of combining Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. This beautiful strain looks as good as it tastes when you smoke it. The nugs of Wedding Cake are decorated in crystals and orange hair. College students going back to school can enjoy the soothing and euphoric effects brought on by this strain. It’s best suited for those who are looking to treat insomnia, pain relief, or anxiety.