Weed is sure something a lot of us will be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Taking a “walk” with friends or family before the big feast will only make it that more delicious. While enjoying your favorite herb, it’s important to remember that while weed has been legalized in many states, there’s still a disparity between those who can freely use it and those who can’t. For example, in New Mexico, Indigenous people are battling for their right to cultivate and own weed on their land. Although it’s legal under state law, federal officers are enforcing federal laws in reservations. This is making it difficult for Native Americans to participate in the market. If you’re interested in actively supporting Indigenous people, here are 8 Indigenous-owned cannabis brands to support. 

As consumers, we have the power. We decide who we support and buy from. By actively choosing to support a diverse and inclusive market, as well as locally, we can people and businesses thrive. 

Indigenous-Owned Dispensaries To Support

Mountain Source Dispensary is located in Santa Ysabel, California. It was founded in 2019 by the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel. In fact, it’s the first tribally owned recreational dispensary in San Diego. Their contemporary and clean facility is located on the scenic tribal lands of the Iipay Nation. They operate in a highly regulated and secure environment. 

If you’re ever in the San Diego area and feel like taking a scenic route to get some weed, make sure to check our Mountain Source Dispensary

If you’re heading out of state, you may want to check out Natural Wonders. Natural Wonders is a Native-owned dispensary in Oregon. According to their Instagram, they’re Oregon’s first and only native-owned dispensary. Aside from providing craft cannabis products, they focus on promoting social awareness, governmental policies, and agricultural practices. 

Indigenous-Owned Cannabis Brands To Support

Oyate Herbals is a cannabis brand that offers a wide variety of hemp oils, pain-relieving salves, CBD products, and much more. The founder of Oyate Herbals is Tammie Lowell, a Native American woman from the Lakota Nation. Lowell is an experienced herbalist with over 40 years in Eastern, Western, and Native American herbology. Since 2012, Oyate Herbals has been providing solutions to pain, stress, and fatigue to their clients. 

PhoenixFire Glass is a small business founded and owned by Fiona Anuwed. She’s a native artist, mother, and glassblower. Also known as Fiona PhoenixFire, she creates a beautiful line of pipes, glass arrowhead pendants, and other forms of art. Most of her work takes inspiration from Native American aesthetics and designs, each more interesting than the next. You can support her through her Etsy shop, where all these products are available. 

Moskehtu Consulting is a Native American-owned Cultural and Heritage Preservation firm founded by Chenae Bullock in 2019. Bullock is an enrolled Shinnecock Nation citizen and descendant of the Montauk Tribe in Long Island New York. Additionally, Bullock is also African American. After working with many accredited Indigenous groups, such as the Shinnecock Indian Museum and Cultural Center, she recognized the need for more Indigenous consulting firms. There’s a lack of cultural competency from governmental sectors and corporate sectors. Bullock is able to provide a more relevant and understanding point-of-view to these organizations.

Native Agronomics Inc is another consulting firm that caters to Native American groups and organizations. It’s focused on bridging the gap between Native nations and the commercial cannabis world. They offer a full spectrum of project management services for tribal governments and native-owned organizations with their entry into the competitive world of cannabis. They’re able to provide an understanding and concierge treatment of cultural differences. In turn, it helps create a bridge between the Indian country and the commercial world. 

Indigenous-Owned CBD Brands To Support

Good Earth Hemp Company is a veteran and Indigenous-owned cannabis brand. Based in the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation, this company works hard to create and provide a variety of CBD products. They provide alternative medicins and CBD health products to their Native American reservations and communities, as well as for the public. Their company oversees the agricultural, manufacturing, transportation, and sales process. They offer hemp oils, creams, hemp foods, textiles, and ethanol. Additionally, they are eco-friendly and promote spiritual experience and connection through their products. 

Native Humboldt Botanicals is a cannabis cultivation company that focuses on regenerative farming practices. Additionally, they manufacture and distribute their top-quality cannabis products. These include edibles, topicals, tinctures, and even packaged flower and pre-rolls. They oversee the entire process to ensure that a high standard is met. Lindsey Renner is the founder of Native Humboldt Botanicals. She is a Native American woman from the Wailaki tribe, which are native to Humboldt County.