Critics Say Biden’s Marijuana Rescheduling Does Not Go Far Enough

Marijuana rescheduling

Cannabis legalization is on the rise. But it is still illegal on the federal level. Advocates, politicians, and lawmakers have been presiding over various bills for marijuana rescheduling and descheduling. The Biden administration recommended that the Drug Enforcement Administration reschedule marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III. But critics are saying it’s not enough. Why […]

DEA Chief Presses Biden Administration for Marijuana Descheduling Plan

Marijuana descheduling

Marijuana descheduling is an issue the government has focused on for quite some time. Now Drug Enforcement Administration Administrator Anne Milgram has committed to asking the Department of Health and Human Services for a timeline for the review of the scheduling status. This article will provide the latest updates. Marijuana Descheduling Efforts Marijuana descheduling efforts […]

Feds Aim to Finish Cannabis Scheduling Review This Year

Cannabis scheduling

Increasing statewide cannabis legalization is removing marijuana-related stigmas. But the federal government still sees it as illegal. According to cannabis scheduling, it is a Schedule 1 drug meaning it has little to no medical benefits and a high potential for addiction. It is in the same category as harder drugs like heroin. There have been […]

Delta 8 and Delta 9 Classified as Schedule I Drugs

Delta 8 and delta 9 classified as schedule i drugs

Some bad news recently came in concerning the hemp industry. Delta 8 and Delta 9 classified as Schedule I drugs is a ruling recently confirmed by the DEA. Read on to find out more.  Why Were Delta 8 and Delta 9 Classified as Schedule I Drugs? So why were Delta 8 and Delta 9 classified […]

Find Out What Germanys Cannabis Legalization Bill is All About

Germanys cannabis legalization bill

Marijuana legalization is not confined to American states. But many countries outside the U.S. are taking a conservative approach. Germany is an exception. Officials in the country have recently unveiled a draft of Germanys Cannabis Legalization Bill. Read on to learn about the current legislation.   What Does Germanys Cannabis Legalization Bill Entail? Growing Germanys […]

Ron DeSantis Says He Would Not Decriminalize Marijuana if Elected

Decriminalize marijuana

Cannabis is becoming more accepted in society. Statewide and federal legislation is being introduced to legalize and decriminalize marijuana. Measures to expunge records and turn a blind eye to future offenses are being introduced regularly. But if they don’t pass during the Biden administration, what will our future president’s view on these laws be like? […]

Research Finds Psychedelics Have Significant Health Benefits

Psychedelics have significant health benefits

Psychedelics were once stigmatized as evil drug. But just like cannabis, modern research is showing that psychedelics have significant health benefits. They may be a promising treatment for some mental health disorders. Study Finds Psychedelics Have Significant Health Benefits The results of the study finding psychedelics have significant health benefits were revealed at a hearing […]

Congressman Files Bill Allowing Marijuana Consumers Gun Rights

Marijuana consumers gun rights

Gun rights are a hot-button issue. Currently, marijuana consumers in legal states are not allowed to purchase and possess marijuana. Florida Republican Congressman Brian Mist of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus is aiming to change that. Read on to find out about his stance on marijuana consumer gun rights. The Bill on Marijuana Consumers Gun Rights […]

Biden Signs Equity-Focused Cannabis Bill, Calls Criminalization a Failed Approach

Equity-focused cannabis bill

President Biden issued an executive order that introduces an equity-focused cannabis bill and called the criminalization of marijuana a “failed approach”.  The equity-focused cannabis bill does not introduce any cannabis reforms. Instead, it focuses on promoting equity within federal agencies and the White House.  The president took the opportunity to connect the equity-focused cannabis bill […]