Weed pipes. They’re easy to use. You just stuff in the weed (after breaking it up, of course) and inhale.

The ease of use makes a weed pipe the perfect cannabis accessory. But it’s essential to find a weed pipe that suits your needs. Read on to learn what you should look for the next time you’re weed pipe shopping.

What to Look for in a Weed Pipe

Bowl Size

Bowl size is an important weed pipe characteristic. You might think bigger is better. After all, who wants to restuff the bowl after every hit?

But small bowls have their advantages. You can stuff them with just a bit of weed and micro-dose throughout the day.

My advice? Get a weed pipe with a small bowl for personal use and another with a larger bowl to smoke with friends.

Weed Pipe Material

Weed pipe materials vary. They include:

Glass pipes are the best choice because they provide smooth, flavorful hits. They also tend to have the coolest designs.

Of course, there is always a concern that a glass pipe will break. However, most are made with heavy-duty, break-resistant glass.

Borosilicate glass is a good weed pipe material choice because it is resistant to thermal shock, so it won’t crack or break under heat. It is also extra durable. It’s the same glass used to make Pyrex baking dishes.

All the same, be careful not to crush a glass pipe or drop it on the floor.

Weed Pipe Types

There are several types of weed pipes to choose from. They include:

Size and Shape

Size and shape are important when considering portability. If you plan to carry your pipe around, look for one that is relatively small and sleek. Smaller pipes tend to have smaller bowls, but they are ideal for micro-dosing throughout the day.

Big pipes are better for home use. Their large bowls make them the perfect accessory to bust out when partying with friends.


Most pipes cost between $10 and $30. Prices are relatively low so there’s no reason to shirk on quality. Don’t buy a regular glass pipe instead of a borosilicate glass pipe to save a couple of bucks.

Although most pipes are reasonably priced, you can find more expensive ones. Some weed pipes cost $100 or more.

However, the high price tag is not usually due to a better smoking experience. It’s typically because the pipes are collector’s items or made for fans of glass art.

How to Use a Weed Pipe

A high angle shot of drugs on a white surface with beautiful patterns
  1. Break down the weed: Use your hands or a grinder to break down the weed. This process will make it easier to smoke and reduce waste. It will also eliminate seeds and stems that can give you a headache.
  2. Pack the Bowl: Pack the bowl firmly but gently to allow for airflow.
  3. Light it Up: Place your match or lighter over the bowl and inhale. If your pipe has a carb hole, lift your finger on and off the hole to regulate airflow. For best results, aim the lighter at the corner of the bowl to allow for a more controlled hit. This technique will also prevent the weed from getting burnt and ashy.
  4. Clear and Clean the Bowl: When there is no weed left in the bowl, you must clean out the residue. Doing so will prevent clogs and provide a cleaner experience the next time you smoke.
  5. Deep clean your pipe occasionally. This process involves placing the pipe inside a Ziploc bag and allowing it to soak in a salt and alcohol solution for a few hours or an entire day. Rinse the pipe after it’s done soaking.

A great smoking experience requires more than a great weed pipe. You also need great weed. South Coast Safe Access has various weed products you should stuff in your weed pipe. Come into our dispensary or browse our online selection to find the products suited to your wellness needs.