There are seemingly endless ways to consume cannabis. Just when you thought you found your favorite method, a new contender steps into the ring. The latest are cannabis inhalers.

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If you are a consumer who is considering adding cannabis inhalers to your weed arsenal, this article will tell you everything you need to know.     

What are Cannabis Inhalers?

Cannabis inhalers are designed exactly like asthma inhalers. The only difference is that they are filled with THC or CBD rather than asthma medicine.

How To Use Cannabis Inhalers

  1. Remove the cap
  2. Hold the inhaler upright and shake it
  3. Hold the mouthpiece between your lips
  4. Push the button and start inhaling, or, if there is no button, simply stop inhaling
  5. Stop when the device says you’ve reached your dose or when you’ve had enough
  6.  Exhale
  7. Wait 30-60 minutes before deciding if another hit is needed

A cannabis inhaler typically offers about 100 doses. After it is used up, you will need to purchase another inhaler. Refills are not available.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Inhalers?

Healthy Method of Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis inhalers offer a healthier way to consume weed. They are better than joints which deposit toxins in the body through weed combustion and rolling paper chemicals. They are also better than vapes which may also contain questionable ingredients.

Inhalers are also easy on the lungs. They do not release any toxins or irritants into your respiratory system. They are a preferred consumption method for anyone whose throat and lungs get irritated after smoking a joint, pipe, or bong.

High Bioavailability

Cannabis inhalers deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream faster and in higher quantities than other weed methods. They provide a bioavailability of about 80%. Here’s how they compare to other products:

Inhalers deliver weed directly into your system providing highly bioavailable results.

Dose Control

Cannabis inhalers provide metered doses so you know exactly how much weed you are consuming. They make micro-dosing easy.

May Be Good for Asthma Sufferers

Research reveals that THC is a bronchodilator. It opens airways to make it easy to breathe. The combination of THC’s bronchodilation properties and the inhaler delivery may make it a good option for asthma sufferers.

Talk to your doctor about your options before proceeding.

Easy to Use

Cannabis inhalers do not need to be packed or rolled. All you need to do is push a button and inhale. Some inhalers don’t even have buttons, so they make the process even easier.


Inhalers are small so you can easily carry them inside a purse or pocket. The compact and no-fuss design means you don’t have to make a scene breaking up pot and rolling it in a joint or placing it in a bowl. The discreet delivery system allows you to smoke up almost anywhere.

Increased Legalization

Some states have yet to legalize cannabis. However, fewer states ban smokeable and vapable weed. An inhaler may help you override local cannabis laws in illegal states.

Symptom Relief

Like any other weed product, a cannabis inhaler will provide symptom relief. It can minimize anxiety, relieve pain, and provide other wellness benefits. Purchase an inhaler that features a strain that will provide optimal wellness for the best results.

What to Look for in a Cannabis Inhaler

Cannabinoid Type: Cannabis inhalers come with prefilled cartridges that cannot be replaced. Therefore, you must consider the type of cannabis in your inhaler.

Cannabis can be THC or CBD and it can contain other cannabinoids and terpenes that affect your high. Choose the variety that’s best suited to your needs.                    

Inhaler Shape: Most cannabis inhalers have the same basic shape. However, there may be differences in their size and the comfort of the mouthpiece. Consider these characteristics when choosing your product.

How the Cannabis is Delivered: Some cannabis inhalers come with a button that must be pressed before inhaling. Others allow you to simply inhale. While pressing a button is an added movement, it can reduce the chances of the inhaler being accidentally activated in transport.

How to Maintain and Store Cannabis Inhalers

South Coast Safe Access Cannabis Inhalers

Although cannabis inhalers are a relatively new technology, we have a few in store. Our selection includes:

Distillate Infused Inhaler: This inhaler is discreet and fast-acting. When you press the inhaler, the THC liquid transforms into aerosolized droplets that provide a refined experience. It features a hybrid distillate, 250 mg per inhaler, 50 puffs per inhaler, and 5 mg per inhalation.

NFuzed Inhaler: The NFuzed Inhaler does not require any heat or batteries. It provides a metered dose. The 250mg metered-dose inhaler provides a consistent 5 mg per dose of hybrid distillate THC.

South Coast Safe Access always provides products you can trust. Our cannabis inhalers feature high-quality weed that has been lab-tested. Contact us to learn more about our products and services.