The simple answer to this question is a resounding yes. THC vape pens have become extremely popular in the weed industry for a variety of reasons and below we will explore some of the reasons why they have become so popular.

Less Preparation to Smoke Out of a Pen

Normally weed has to be rolled into a joint or a blunt or packed into a bowl or a bong. It takes time and considerable skill to roll up something that smokes well. Have you ever tried smoking a newb’s joint? Not fun! Furthermore, a bowl or a bong is bulky and has to be lugged around and can be a bit of an inconvenience these days, especially when you are out and about. This is great when at home but when trying to smoke on the go these are usually the worst options. A vape pen is great because you just hit the button, puff, and pass. No preparation, just good ole’ getting high. 

Small, Compact, and Most Importantly Discreet

One of the biggest advantages and the main reason vape pens are taking the weed industry by storm is they are discreet. With a small and compact package, the pens look just like a normal nicotine vape pen. It is very easy to smoke these out in public without anyone even batting an eye. Compare this to a bowl or even a joint and everyone knows what you are up from a mile away!

No Strong Smell After Vaping

While smoking flowers may be the traditional way, it can stink up the whole house. Heck, even the whole neighborhood. Not only that but the smell sticks to your clothing for long after the initial smoke session. One of the great things about a vape pen is it does not leave a strong smell. This is also great when trying to be discreet and use it out in public. Add this feature on to the other two listed above and you can be sure to have a toke without everyone and their momma knowing that you did.

Vape Pens Are Quick and Easy

Quite possibly the easiest way to smoke is a vape pen. Just pull it out of your pocket, press the button, and take a rip. It’s that quick and easy. There are even some models that automatically start when you draw on them making it even more simple. The fact they are so quick and easy also lends to the fact that they are more discreet than traditional ways. If you are noticing a theme of discretion then you can see why vaping has become one of the most popular ways of consuming pot these days. 

Vape Pens are Strong and Fast

Another great benefit to vape pens is it tends to be much stronger than smoking the flower itself. It also hits a lot quicker than most other ways of using marijuana. One hit can be enough to last for a long time. For instance, one dude I know took a few rips off his buddies vape pen and only realized an hour later he was riding his bike in the wrong direction from home. Since a vape pen can be more concentrated and pack a different type of punch, they should also be used with caution. 

Some Flavorful Cartridges

Vape pen cartridges are also very delicious and come in a variety of nice, pleasing flavors. Not only are you getting your smoke in but the smoke can be sweet and utterly awesome. If you are someone who likes their weed to taste good, then look no further than a vape pen. As with pretty much everything else on this list the pleasing flavor also means the smell is not nearly as strong. Which also leads to a much more discreet smoke session.


If you noticed a theme in this post is that with almost everything mentioned here was that vape pens are subtler. One of the biggest reasons vape pens are taking the weed industry by storm is that they are impressively discreet. Couple that with all the other reasons listed here and you just have a very effective and awesome THC delivery method. This is why these pens seem to dominate the industry and take over more traditional smoking methods.