What are cannabis-infused capsules you may be asking yourself? Cannabis-infused capsules are tablets or gelcaps containing an extract of cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. Cannabis better known as marijuana or hemp contains a variety of compounds that have been found to be beneficial to humans for a myriad of symptoms and ailments. The two most common are THC and CBD but there are many other cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes present. Most of these compounds have been found to have effects on the human body that help promote healing, fight depression, and relieve anxiety. Cannabis-infused capsules contain a blend of these compounds usually in different combinations or strengths.

Why Are Cannabis-Infused Capsules Awesome?

Capsules are a great way to use cannabis without hassle. For many of the same reasons that edibles are an excellent way to use marijuana the same can be said for capsules. Although they are not offered in the same wide variety of tastes a capsule can be easily swallowed just like any other form of medication. This also makes it easy to transport and bring with you to wherever they are needed. With no smell, no smoking, and an incognito delivery system, it also makes taking a cannabis-infused capsule very discreet. The vast majority of people will just think you are taking a medical product, which it is, but you will not have to worry about unapproving glances and discerning eyes. Cannabis-infused capsules are also a great choice because they can be used to micro-dose also called precision dosing. This can be great when trying to take a specific dose at a specific time each day, allowing you to figure out what works best for your desired results. Below you will find some of our best picks for cannabis-infused capsules that will help with your ailments, help get the affects you are seeking, and help get you through the day!

CBD Protab by Level

CBD Protab is a vegan and gluten-free tablet containing 25mg of CBD. They are designed to be taken orally and even have a score to make the tablet easily split in two. This makes it even easier to take a precision dose while trying to dial in what works best for you. The Protab is infused with steam distilled cannabinoids and terpenes to take maximum advantage of the beneficial compounds in the hemp plant and promote the entourage effect. It is a fast-acting and extra strength tablet shown to help with mental and physical stress. These tablets are great for someone looking for the healing properties of CBD without the high from THC.

Releaf Capsules 30:1 CBD: THC by Papa & Barkley

Releaf Capsules by Papa & Barkley are another excellent choice when looking for a cannabis-infused capsule. They are completely vegan and gluten-free capsules that contain 30mg of CBD and 1mg of THC. This is great as it has been shown that CBD works better in the presence of THC. Even though THC is present it is such a small dose that the user would experience few feelings of being high if any at all. Releaf capsules also promote the entourage effect by having a triple-tested whole plant oil packed into every capsule. The whole plant means it is as close as you can get to the real plant’s original chemical makeup. These capsules are great for those who are on the go and want the healing properties of CBD but also with a little THC thrown in there.

Serenity 11:11 Capsules by GetZen

Serenity 11:11 is an equal blend of 11mg of CBD and 11mg of THC. It is what GetZen refers to as the balanced ratio. This blend, therefore, has the healing benefits of both CBD and THC while also producing a mild euphoric high. This is also great for those people looking for pain relief, but coming from opiates that are known for their distinctive buzz. The buzz from Serenity 11:11 is intended to be very mild so you can go about your day without being heavily impaired. It is also worth noting that the 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC is the same ratio used in the medication known as Sativex which is used for treating MS in Europe and Canada. The one to one ratio is considered the golden standard when it comes to CBD relief.

Calm Dose Dial by Dosist

The Calm Dose Dial is another low THC to CBD product designed to make micro-dosing through the day easy. It contains a 1:10 THC to CBD ratio, which is contained in an easily transportable and child-resistant single-dose delivery device known as the Dose Dial. This makes it easy to carry around with you and take a single dose of low THC to high CBD capsules. These are perfect for those looking to micro-dose throughout the day especially for pain management. The discreet packaging makes it easy to slip into a pocket and take as needed or at regularly scheduled intervals.