Welcome to Southern California! The weather is always nice, our highways are always packed, and our beaches are always sunny. Sometimes, you just want to go out and enjoy a nice joint. California is lovely, so why not enjoy it with some extra green? So what are the best places to smoke weed in SoCal? We’ve got them listed out for you. 

Discreet Smoking in Public Places in SoCal

First things first: discretion. Unfortunately, just because weed is legal does not mean that the act of smoking weed in public is. State laws prohibit the act of smoking weed in public. It may sound discouraging but there are some places in Southern California that have designated smoking spots. Additionally, if you decide to smoke in public, we’ll provide you with a few tips to do so discreetly. 

Tip #1: Use a one-hitter pipe

One-hitter pipes are perfect for on-the-go public smoking. These pipes are designed to be able to take a quick puff or two out of. These pipes can vary in shape and style, but they all serve the same function. Some are even disguised to appear as cigarettes. You can usually find one-hitter pipes at your local smoke shops. 

Tip #2: Smoke weed in public with a vape pen

Vape pens are probably one of the most discreet forms of smoking weed in public places. These are better for smoking in public mostly because it doesn’t leave a strong smell. They are also easy to carry around. Additionally, some can even pass by for regular vape pens, which are for some reason more socially acceptable. 

A slight downside is the potency levels compared to natural weed. Also, vape pens rely on a battery to function. Meaning, that if your vape pen dies while you’re out, you won’t be able to continue smoking. 

Tip #3: Use portable and equipment made for traveling

If all you have is a joint or blunt, or simply prefer smoking natural weed, old school always works. Smoking actual weed can leave behind a very strong and distinct aroma. When carrying your bud around, use a smell-proof pouch or canister. These can be found online or at dispensary stores. You can also use a portable ashtray to help with the mess. 

Best Public Places To Smoke Weed in SoCal

Cannabis Cafe

Cannabis Cafe is one of the first few places to combine a place to eat and smoke at the same time! Only in West Hollywood would you be able to find a jewel like this. And yes, it is legal. Cannabis Cafe functions as a restaurant and sorta like a dispensary. You can order a meal along with the weed. Every item on the menu is amazing, both their food and weed menu. Additionally, the entire ambiance of the restaurant is great for an outdoor event with your friends. Currently, they’re taking reservations through their website. It is unspecified if they are currently taking walk-ins, so it’s best to plan ahead and reserve. 

Santa Monica Pier

The beach, sunset, and weed. A great combination if you ask me. The Santa Monica Pier offers great attractions and delicious foods. From cotton candy, to funnel cake, to fully stacked burgers, they have it all. Let’s face it, you’re going to be wanting some of that food. Spend the day getting high and having fun at the pier. You can even attend some of their public events, such as live concerts, outdoor movie screenings, or yoga classes. 

Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory offers panoramic vistas of Los Angeles, planetarium shows, and telescopes. All those factors make it a perfect public place to smoke weed. Your cannabis-fueled curiosity will love everything they have to offer. You can chill out at the top of the south side of Griffith Park’s patio area. The Griffith Observatory offers clear views of the Hollywood sign, DTLA, and (on a clear day) even the Pacific Ocean. 

Hollywood Bowl Overlook

This one is for the stoners who love a good view. Mulholland Drive will take you up all the way to the Hollywood Bowl Overlook. This road has one of the most scenic views in the city. Grab a buddy, or a significant other, and light one up from the hood of your car. You could pretend you’re in your own Hollywood movie. 

Venice Boardwalk 

If you haven’t smoked weed at the Venice boardwalk, could you really consider yourself a true Californian? The Venice Boardwalk has a lot to offer someone looking to smoke some weed. Unfortunately, it does get a bit packed with people and is filled with lots of tourists. But Venice Boardwalk has lots of smoke shops, food fenders, and street artists for you to enjoy while celebrating cannabis culture.