The cannabis industry is booming. People who want to get in on the ground floor may consider taking cannabis education courses. Several universities now offer them in their curriculum.

Cannabis Education Courses at Cloud State

Minnesota’s Cloud State is a college that has recently added cannabis education courses to its agenda. They aim to train people in marijuana entrepreneurship.

The six-month program is offered online to anyone over 18. Topics include cannabis compliance and risk management, the business of cannabis, cannabis healthcare and medicine, and cannabis agriculture and horticulture.

“We’re trying this in connection to laws changing in Minnesota. And it’s important that as laws change, there’s education and the opportunity for anyone to have access to those and to do it correctly,” said executive director of the school’s continuing education department Abram Hedtke.

“Higher education in general has had to take (a) really hard look at what they are offering and how they are offering it.

“This is an extremely fast-paced growing industry… So that really was a piece that we looked at to say, what can we do to be at the forefront of that,” Hedtke continued.

Cloud’s 6-month cannabis education courses cost $2950. No financial aid is available because cannabis is still federally illegal. People who enroll early can get a $500 discount.

Green Flower Partners with Schools to Offer Cannabis Education Courses

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The California cannabis company Green Flower has partnered with Cloud State and 18 other colleges in the country to make cannabis education courses a part of their curriculum. They began the partnership in 2019. They claim to be a leader in cannabis education.

“Demand has been tremendous,” said Daniel Kalef, the company’s Chief Growth Officer.

Kalef said they have had over 5,000 students sign up for cannabis education courses. They already have three signups at Cloud State.

“Every industry has to have people who understand sales and distribution and retail operations and marketing and HR and banking. Cannabis is different for all of those things… because it’s such a highly regulated industry.”

Green Flower’s cannabis education courses provide insight into the cannabis industry. But they are not specific to state laws.

“One kind of secret about the cannabis industry is every state tends to copy from other states when it comes to how they do things in licensing. The state-by-state things are more about how you get a license and less about how you operate a business or how you… create an agricultural program,” he said.

Visit this link to find out all the colleges and universities that offer the Green Flower program.

Other Schools That Offer Cannabis Education Courses

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Various universities throughout the country offer cannabis education courses, and they are not all sponsored by Green Flower. Here are some options to consider.

Non-University Level

Oaksterdam University

Oaksterdam University is a school devoted to cannabis education. Courses include business, budtending, horticulture, and extraction. They offer one-off elective courses as well.

The school offers self-paced courses that allow you to study on your own time and fast-track courses that meet twice a week for eight weeks. The curriculum is not accredited.

Cannabis Training University

This Denver, CO-based school has offered cannabis education courses since 2009. Most courses get students certified for frontline jobs like budtending, growing, and extraction. Courses are available online for competitive prices.

The school has been endorsed by cannabis influencers like Tommy Chong and Ed Rosenthal. It has also received praise from the Shark Tank entrepreneurs.

Cloverleaf University

Cloverleaf is a formerly accredited non-university cannabis school. It is backed by the Colorado Department of Higher Education. Its courses include workshops, seminars, standalone certifications, technical certifications, and semester-long programs.

Trichome University

Trichome University takes a unique approach to cannabis education. Their self-named “interpening” teaches students the specifics of terpenes, cannabinoids, and the science behind them. They aim to set the standards for the cannabis sommelier.

Their courses include consumer education, consulting, and cooking with cannabis. Their program is online. It is one of the most affordable options available.


Ganjier is Green Flower’s certification course. It aims to turn its students into cannabis sommeliers. It provides them with a high level of cannabis education to transform them into experts in the industry.

The course is not accredited.

University Level

Green Flower Media

Green Flower Media is an online cannabis educator that offers and variety of cannabis education courses to businesses and individuals. Individuals can take 8-week, 45-hour on-demand certificate programs that qualify them to become cultivation technicians, dispensary associates, and manufacturing agents.

Business-oriented courses include The Business of Cannabis, Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture, Cannabis Law and Policy, and Cannabis Healthcare and Medicine. These 24-week, 405-hour programs are offered online through their university and college partners.

Northern Michigan University- Medicinal Plant Chemistry

This course is for students who hope to get an understanding of the biology and science behind cannabis. The four-year medicinal plant chemistry course offers two tracks, one is bio-analytical, and the other is entrepreneurial. It focuses on cannabis and other medicinal herbs.

University of Maryland School of Pharmacy- MS in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics

The University of Maryland’s School of Pharmacy offers a two-year Master of Science Degree in Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics. It aims to help students enter the medical cannabis industry, engage in cannabis research, and develop medical cannabis policies. It offers five courses in medical cannabis, policy, and therapeutics, as well as elective courses. It blends online and in-person classes.

The Medical Cannabis Institute- Science Inside

This science-based institution offers clinical and medical science programs. It provides cannabis education courses for doctors and medical professionals who wish to prescribe cannabis to their patients. Their courses are for certified healthcare professionals. Students entering the field are not eligible.