Biden recently released a new “Plan For Black America” which removes some of the hurdles for African Americans and is one step closer to equality for all. This is especially important considering the recent events of police brutality against members of the communities of people of color. It is no longer acceptable for the police to be militarized and shooting or beating the crap out of non-violent offenders, especially those that are in a struggling class of people. The “War on Drugs” has shown us – the people – that it is utter nonsense and often used as an excuse to promote violence between the police and members of the black community and other minorities. In a recent study conducted by NORML, it shows that black Americans are 3.73 times more likely to get arrested for marijuana possession than whites. However, the usage among both groups is essentially the same. Furthermore, in some states the rate goes much higher to six, eight, and almost ten times the amount when compared to whites. This is just not fair and Biden has recognized that something must be done about it. That is why he has proposed a system that would decriminalize pot and release prisoners who are stuck in jail over some BS weed laws.

How Does This Help?

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that there are many disparities in our communities when it comes to race and color. The injustices have been built into the system from the ground up and almost none have been more hurtful than drug laws. Especially those that criminalize marijuana have been particularly harmful for black Americans. As mentioned previously, on average a black pot smoker is 3.73 times more likely to get pinched for pot than a white user. This statistic starkly jumps up in some areas of the country and is a clear symbol that the police are essentially using weed to subject the black community to ridiculous searches, seizures, and arrests. When compared to white communities the arrests and prosecutions of African Americans are much higher and show something is clearly wrong and very unjust. With Joe Biden’s Plan For Black America, one of the tenets is that marijuana would be decriminalized under federal law. In addition, it would call for the release of prisoners who are already incarcerated for marijuana offenses that are non-violent. These efforts would ultimately go a long way towards restoring our afflicted communities and establishing an understanding and respect from the government.

This Is Long Over Due

The biggest slap in the face for people of color is that marijuana use rates are practically the same for white communities as in minority communities. In this light, it makes it that much more baffling that black people are often targeted more. This is due to the racial bias that some police officers have and letting white people off the hook when found with marijuana or giving them a verbal warning. On the other hand, when black people or other people of color are found with pot the book is thrown at them and most often results in an arrest. Furthermore, after the arrest it is often more likely that they will be tried, convicted, and sent to prison. This is one of the leading causes of the prison population being made up of more people of color than whites, despite them making up a smaller portion of the total population. The biggest step in the right direction would be to make weed decriminalized removing the police’s ability to subjugate based on a harmless plant. This would bring the rate of people having their lives needlessly ruined by law enforcement for weed to 0% and would be beneficial to both the communities of color and white communities.

End The War On Drugs

The “War on Drugs” has utterly failed the people and shown that there is a disparity and systemic racism built into the very fabric of police work. Additionally, it has pumped enormous amounts of money to “fight drugs” leading to a militarization of the police forces who routinely use brutal tactics against their people. Joe Biden’s plan to decriminalize marijuana is one step in the right direction, but so much more needs to be done to end the oppression of the police state. One step at a time towards a better future is all we can ask and hope for at this time, but we have to keep up the pressure and keep up the demands. We must hold politicians and police forces accountable and ensure they work for us and not us for them.