In Bill Gates’s podcast “Unconfuse Me”, he attempts to get “unconfused” about subjects that fascinate him. Topics include Alzheimer’s Disease, plant-based meat, and marijuana. In a recent episode, he sat down with weed icon and actor/comedian Seth Rogen and his wife Lauren Miller for a cannabis interview. Find out how that went.

The Cannabis Interview

Bill Gates Smoked Marijuana in High School to Be Cool

Gates spoke to Rogen and Miller about various cannabis interview topics such as federal prohibition, research barriers, marijuana potency, and how he used marijuana when he was younger.

He noted that things have changed since he used marijuana occasionally in his high school days to try and “be cool.”

“I wasn’t so much for smoking pot for pot’s sake, as it was being part of the crowd. It’s amazing how it’s changed. You know, when I grew up, it was just kind of a rebellion thing,” Gates said.

Racism and Marijuana

The cannabis interview then touched on marijuana prohibition and its racist origins. Rogen referred to how it was largely used by Black people and how Blacks were disproportionately affected by illegalization.

He referred to a “ripple effect” policy and stigmatization that led to people being more open about marijuana use and experiences. He feels that attitude helps combat stigmatization.

Federal vs. State Laws

The Rogen-Gates cannabis interview also discussed the divergences in federal and state laws.

“When it first came up in, what, Colorado (and) Washington State, you know, so my state was one of the first to have that- I thought ‘wow. Things are really changing’. And the fact that you can have the federal level still have one set of rules and the state rules, there’s definitely a paradox there that got to be resolved at some point,” Gates noted.


Potency was a major cannabis interview topic. Gates led the discussion by saying, “A lot of us who were smoking when it was illegal, the dosage was actually pretty modest.”

“So at least as you move into this legal pot world, you can be getting like really extreme doses, particularly on the edibles. I mean, I think I know, okay, if I puff five times, what that means, whereas if you ingest, I have no clue,” he went on to say.

Rogen weighed in saying that he avoids edibles due to unclear dosages. He went on to say that he would appreciate federal regulations and standard potencies. He mentioned that even an experienced pothead like Snoop Dogg “doesn’t eat edibles.”

“That’s how wild the variation on edibles is. You don’t really know what your gonna get,” Rogen stated.

Health Effects of Cannabis

Holding a farmer holding a cannabis leaf.

The cannabis interview then turned to the health effects of cannabis. Although cannabis is said to offer various medical benefits, it has also been linked to serious health conditions.

Gates addressed the topic by asking Rogen if large quantities of weed have carcinogenic effects. Rogen responded that there has not been a scientific consensus on the subject. He also pointed out that neither he nor his wife’s doctors have told them to stop smoking weed.

Miller also added that the federal prohibition of weed has limited research making it difficult for people to understand its risks and benefits.

Alcohol vs. Pot

One of Gates’s final remarks in the cannabis interview touched on the comparison between alcohol and pot. Many people think that cannabis can replace pot as a safer recreational drug.

“I’ve always wondered if we started from scratch and we said, ‘Okay society, you can have one drug- you can either have alcohol or pot,” Gates said, wondering which people would choose.

The two agreed on a point Rogen made about alcohol leading to more mistakes and inappropriate behavior than cannabis and causing people to “say stupid things.”

About Unconfuse Me

Bill Gates began podcasting in 2020 as a pandemic project with co-host Rashida Jones. The podcast, “Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions” explored topics like inequality, politics, and the pandemic.

Gates recently relaunched his podcasting career with his new series, “Unconfuse Me.” He hosts solo and features celebrity guests. In addition to the Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller cannabis interview, he has also had Sal Khan and Questlove on the show. He has discussed topics like education, cannabis, ChatGPT, and plant-based food.

Seth Rogen Cannabis Activist

Seth Rogen is known for his outspoken views on cannabis use. He focuses on “racist” drug policies. He uses his platform to fight a legal system that disproportionately targets black and Hispanic people for drug use.

He has also stated that weed provides “functionality”. He feels it helps him adjust to a world that is not a “comfortable place” for him. Weed is often a topic in his movies, and he is proud to be associated with it.

Rogen made the move from pot advocate to pot entrepreneur in 2019 when he launched the company Houseplant with partner Evan Goldberg. It sells signature flower, signature pre-rolls, and home goods like lighters and ashtrays. It boasts premium designs and ‘high’ functionality.

About Bill Gates

Stacks of wealth in businessman successful hands generated by artificial intelligence

Bill Fates is a computer programmer and entrepreneur best known for co-founding Microsoft. He became a billionaire by 1986 off the company shares he owns.

He is also known for his philanthropy work. He launched the William H. Gates Foundation (later renamed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) in 1994. The nonprofit funds global health projects in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

The couple also founded the Gates Library Foundation (renamed the Gates Learning Foundation) which funds libraries throughout North America.

“Unconfuse Me” is one of Gates’s new projects. His Rogen-Miller cannabis interview is the most popular one yet.