Cannabis often extends into other industries. There have been partnerships between cannabis and food industries, cannabis and music artists and companies, and cannabis and celebrities. However, the cannabis and fashion industry partnership cannot be denied.

This article will review the many ways cannabis and fashion have crossed paths. Fashionistas can learn why weed is such an essential part of their wardrobe.

Cannabis and Fashion Partnerships

Cannabis Brands Use Fashion to Advertise and Destigmatize

Look at any cannabis brand’s stock and you are likely to see accessories available. Many brands make hats, shirts, intimates, and other wearables that are available for sale.

Cannabis wearables are great for advertising brands. People may see someone wearing a hat or t-shirt with the brand name and choose to buy their product. The company can also use the income it makes off wearables to fund its business.

Wearables also help destigmatize weed. When people see other people wearing weed clothing and accessories, it becomes more acceptable. Cannabis and fashion promote weed use throughout society.

Hemp Clothing Merges Cannabis and Fashion

Hemp is a cannabis plant with extremely low THC content. It is used for many industrial purposes. It is known to be beneficial in clothing manufacturing.

It is a preferred clothing material because it filters UV light to protect the skin. Its antibacterial effects prevent odors. It is extremely strong and retains color well. It is soft and highly breathable.

The material is preferred over others because it uses little water to grow. It helps nourish the soil. It is a very low-maintenance plant.

Today, several brands use hemp in their manufacturing process. Eileen Fisher, Patagonia, and WAMA are just some of the designers that combine cannabis and fashion.

Fashion Designers Inspired by Weed

Sure, you can buy a weed t-shirt at your favorite cannabis dispensary. But you can also purchase high fashion weed-wear.

Several designers create weed-inspired designs that merge cannabis and fashion. One of the most notable is Alexander Wang. He is responsible for designing the pot leaf dress Margot Robbie wore when she hosted Saturday Night Live.

Other examples include jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche who has been making pot leaf earrings and necklaces since 2007. The South Korean company Sundae School makes clothing designed to stash cannabis paraphernalia. Vivienne Westwood shook things up by debuting a cannabis leaf print dress at her 2007 runway show.  

Cannabis Companies Launch Their Clothing Line

Many designers use hemp in their clothing. Others may be inspired by hemp designs. And some cannabis brands may have accessories made with their logos.

But Zig-Zag, a French brand that makes rolling papers and other smoking accessories, took the cannabis and fashion relationship to the next level by releasing a fashion collection.

The brand has long been associated with the hip-hop culture. It was a natural progression for it to foray into hip-hop-inspired clothing. Their line, designed by senior marketing manager Harlan Raine, includes joggers, letterman jackets, hoodies, and a leather bag.

Each features the Zig-Zag logo. They are priced between $70 and $250. The pieces are released in limited quantities of 150.

“We aren’t necessarily concerned about generating a lot of revenue from the individual collections,” said senior director of marketing Eric Anwar. “It’s more about brand recognition. Fashion is a way to keep things fresh and expand our brand awareness.”

Designers Making Cannabis Products

Some cannabis companies have expanded their lines to include fashion accessories. There are also fashion brands that have expanded their lines to include cannabis accessories.

Brett Hyman is known for producing clutches jewelry and other accessories for the Edie Parker line. She recently merged cannabis and fashion with a fruit-themed smoking accessory collection and three strains of cannabis flower.

Her collection also includes bongs, rolling trays, stash jars, and a “perfect for pot” version of Edie Parker’s signature acrylic bags.

Changing the Way People are Dressing

The cannabis and fashion relationship is changing the way people are dressing. People are wearing comfy clothes that feel good to lounge in when they are stoned. Clothing lines are also updating to manufacture fashion that is convenient for carrying pots.

Models as Celebrity Influencers

Many companies partner with celebrity influencers to promote their brands. Some celebrities also advocate weed. Several are fashion models.

Cara Delevigne is a well-known weed user. She combines cannabis and fashion when she posts images of herself smoking weed on her social media account. She posted one picture of herself blowing smoke rings with a “Happy belated 420” caption.

Kate Moss is known for being a fashion industry bad girl. Photos of her allegedly snorting coke went viral in 2005. More recently, she was caught smoking a joint with Lily Allen. She once admitted to being in a semi-conscious state after smoking too much skunk weed.

A picture was discovered from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s younger days that showed her holding a bong and looking stoned. She reportedly smokes cigarettes regularly. It is unknown whether she currently smokes weed, but it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

Weed Lounges at Fashion Events

Weed lounges are becoming a popular feature at high-end events. They are often included at fashion events. They merge cannabis and fashion Elite fashionistas can escape to these rooms to get high before returning to the event.

Cannabis Cosmetics

Fashion and cosmetics go hand in hand. Many people in the world of fashion pride themselves on their great-looking hair and skin.

Cannabis is on the cutting edge. It is rich in antioxidants that make it an ideal ingredient for hair and skin products. It also provides moisturizing effects.

Several cosmetic brands merge cannabis and fashion. Josie Maran, Lord Jones, and Kapari are just a few worth mentioning.

The cannabis and fashion partnership is years in the making. It continues to flourish as more designers are creating cannabis fashions, working with hemp, and branching out with weed products.

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