2020 has certainly been a year for the record books. On top of living through a pandemic, multiple ecological disasters, and extreme civil unrest everyone has been experiencing a dryer and hotter summer than ever before. Many places in the US including California have experienced summer temps that soared into the triple digits. However, this heatwave did not stop with the approach of fall. For example, Utah is in the process going through the hottest and driest October on record. These high temperatures have led to massive wildfires in the Western US that have never before been seen in history. These facts and figures can be extremely depressing, especially when considering the lingering aspects of climate change.

Cannabis-Infused Drinks

Drinks infused with cannabis are a relative newcomer to the marketplace. They are a delicious way to cool off on a hot day while also providing the medicinal and holistic benefits of weed. It is also easy to add a shot or two of your favorite alcoholic beverage to make an especially nice treat to sip on the back porch. Read on to find out about the best drinks to cool you off while still getting you high. They are sure to help you deal with this heatwave and crazy year both mentally and physically.

Flav THC Horchata 100mg – 10 pack

These delicious drink mixes were created using an authentic Mexican recipe. Horchata is a beloved beverage that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Flav takes it to the next level by infusing it with premium cannabis extract making the agua fresca you remember that much more enjoyable. Mix and pour over ice for a cold glass of vanilla and cinnamon flavor with a fun euphoric kick! For added fun toss in a shot of your favorite rum or tequila to make a truly delectable adult beverage. Just be sure to use responsibly and enjoy a relaxing evening that cools you off and melts away the stresses of the world. With just 10mg of THC per package, it makes for controllable and easy dosing. Heck, it is even a great source of vitamin C! Comes in a child-resistant package to ensure little hands stay out. Grab yourself a truly delicious and refreshing drink to help you cool off while the world burns around us.

This vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, zero sugar, zero-calorie, and no artificial sweeteners beverage is perfect for the health and earth-conscious out there. A true tropical refresher infused with mango and cannabis is also loaded with the terpene myrcene. Myrcene has been shown to significantly enhance the psychotropic effects of THC. The bottles EasyDose window on the side makes it simple to mix microdose mocktails allowing for a personalized experience each time. Even better is that each capful equals 2mg of THC, making dosage easier than ever. Comes in a 16oz childproof bottle that is reclosable. Get the experience you are looking for with zero sugar and calories. Tropical Mango Cannabis Quencher makes it super easy to take a load off and cool down on a hot afternoon.

Dixie Elixir – Half & Half Tea/Lemonade

When life throws you lemons, be sure to add some THC to make one hell of a lemonade. Dixie Elixirs Half & Half Tea / Lemonade is the perfect summer treat for a blistering hot day! Their take on this southern classic is sure to please your palate with a delightful and refreshing taste. With 100mg of THC per bottle and 6mg per serving, it is also easy to microdose and mix your favorite mocktails. Or for a truly enlightening experience throw in a shot of your favorite adult beverage and pour over ice. Then take a seat in your rocking chair on the porch and relax the day away the southern way. With Dixie Elixir you will easily cool off while benefiting from the therapeutic effects of cannabis. Grab yours today before winter sets in for some backyard fun. The fun doesn’t stop there though Dixie Elixir is also awesome enjoyed while hot, so this double-duty beverage is the perfect base for a truly decadent hotty toddy. Go out and grab yourself some of these awesome cannabis-infused beverages to take your relaxation game to a whole new level!