It’s been a long journey since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With the world gaining some sort of normalcy, it seems that events are slowly coming back. This includes cannabis events. The cannabis industry did not go unaffected by the pandemic. In fact, cannabis stocks suffered significantly at the beginning of the pandemic. Recently, they earned their footing and recovered along with the economy. Many of the cannabis events returning post covid are events that were postponed last year. Or they had been transitioned over to a virtual platform. Regardless, we are happy to see cannabis events return. Here are a few you can check out. 

Virtual Cannabis Events

C-45 Quality Summit

The C-45 Quality Summit brings the leaders of the cannabis industry together. This Canadian event allows setting new standards during this exciting time in Canadian history. Their goal is to establish Canada as a prominent leader in the cannabis industry, specifically in quality and innovation. This cannabis event is perfect for industry professionals and those looking to get into the industry and expand their knowledge. 

GCI Virtual Summit – Global Leaders in Cannabis & Psychedelics 

This virtual cannabis event has a lengthy and impressive lineup of speakers. All of the guest speakers are cannabis leaders. Additionally, their specialties range from research, medicine, to psychedelics, market regulations, retail brands, cultivation, to technology. Thus, they will cover all and any topics relating to cannabis and cannabis consumption. 

Live Cannabis Events

Cannabis Conference 2021

This 3-day cannabis event is held in Las Vegas, which is closer compared to others on this list. This event aims to bring industry stakeholders together and engage in opportunities and challenges within the market. Since then, they’ve built on the success of previous events. They continue to provide educational information to cultivators, retailers, and manufacturers. 

WA East Interchange

Produced by Marijuana Ventures, Interchange aims to be a useful event for retailers, producers, and processors. They come together at the Spokane Valley Event Center to network and share information. Additionally, their 1:1 private setting allows for successful and effective interactions that would be hard to come by in real life. Their unique format of interaction increases sales and productivity amongst its participants.


Cannatank420, is a one-day farm to retailer expo show. It focuses on building relationships between farms and the retail purchasing managers. Specifically, for the legal cannabis industry throughout the state of Washington. Additionally, this cannabis event attracts other applicable cannabis industry professionals to patronize farms and retailers from around the state. The expo creates the opportunity for the retailers to grab a new customer base. And in the process, also educates and motivates the current and next generation of cannabis users. This event is also held in Spokane, WA. 

Cannabis Science Conference West 2021

The Cannabis Conference 2021 is the world’s largest and most technical cannabis scientific and medical cannabis event. Their conference showcases cannabis industry experts. Many of them work as manufacturers, research scientists, medical practitioners, policymakers, and interested novices. Above all, their semi-annual event aims to improve cannabis science and education. 

Women in Cannabis Expo

The Women in Cannabis Expo was established with the goal to connect women working in or looking to join the cannabis game. As a result, this cannabis event helps bring women together to inspire and learn from each other. The cannabis industry is tough to jump into, especially as a woman. The Women in Cannabis Expo helps those with a passion for cannabis succeed. Their participants range from cultivation to writers, to medical professionals, to chefs. 

Retail Vision

Marijuana Venture’s Retail Vision is the first cannabis event of its kind. The best in business and technology gather together at this event. The goal is to develop and help cannabis retailers grow and dramatically increase profits. The two-day event will feature expert advice from leading executives and professionals in both traditional retail and the cannabis segment. This blended approach gives participants invaluable insight into what works and what doesn’t. They also offer money-back guarantee. This event is held in Seattle, WA.  

MJBizCon Live Expo

If you are seeking partnerships, business advice, investors, or new products, MJBizCon is the place to do it. It’s also a great place for career connections and networking with industry peers. They hold 2 separate networking events at the expo. This large event is held in Las Vegas and usually accounts for 1,000 exhibitors. They also have about 50+ speakers and 4 pre-show forums. The keynote speaker this year will be Daymond John, ABC’s Shark Tank Star and Founder/CEO of Fubu. 

NOTE: Due to health concerns, the schedules of these cannabis events returning post covid may be subject to change. Always check with event organizers before verifying to attend.