The cannabis market is growing in leaps and bounds. Today’s producers are always looking for new ways to appeal to consumers. Cannabis innovations are happening all around us.

This article will discuss the cannabis innovations you need to know about to ensure you’re on top of the latest trends.

Top Cannabis Innovations

More Alluring Edibles

Producers are branching out with outside-the-box cannabis edibles. There is significant growth in the beverage industry. The latest products include cannabis-infused beers and seltzers that wake up taste buds and improve wellbeing.

Cannabis energy drinks offer a mix of cannabis, vitamins, and caffeine. How’s that for a boost?

Users with a sweet tooth will not be disappointed. If pot brownies and cookies weren’t enough, now there are cannabis-infused ice cream and pre-made baking mixes.

Are you looking for a more transparent experience with your edibles? How about making your own gummies? Gummy-making kits allow you to choose your pectin flavor, pour it into a mold, and finish with the provided sanding sugar. They offer a superior customized experience.

Love edibles but can do without the taste of weed? Try sucking candies with a weed center. You will barely taste the cannabis.

Personalized Products

Consumers will no longer have to decide which products are best for their health needs. Brands are shifting their focus to create personalized products advertised to treat specific ailments. You will find products for sleep, anxiety, immunity, pain, and more.

Cleaner, Easier Vaping Solutions

Expect vape pen updates to transform the market. Laser combustion will make vaping one of the primary cannabis innovations. These pens offer clean, smooth hits and a sleek compact design. Many products can be attached to any glass rig. The main drawback- this technology can be quite pricey.

Other vape devices offer a customized experience. Smoke for flavor, energy, convenience, or discretion. Or buy the entire collection.

Today’s vape pens are easy to take apart and clean. They even come with cleaning tools. Extended battery life is another bonus.

A Dabber’s Dream

Vape pen cannabis innovations go to 11 by offering advanced vaping technology. These devices feature a dab pen, wax pen, cart pen, and enail, all in a sleek design. An enail collects the nectar and rolls it into an airway valve that offers a superior smoking experience.

Dabbers may also enjoy cannabis innovations such as vaporizer pipes with customized bases. They feature various temperature settings so dabbers can achieve ideal vapor production.

Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering strains are the latest in grow-your-own cannabis innovations. As the name suggests, these seeds do the work for you. They take the science out of growing and improve your success rates. Consumers can enjoy high-quality weed without the hassle.

Joint Rolling Technology

Tired of ‘pregnant but pulling’ joints? Joint rolling machines will make your life easier. They roll weed quickly. Some output 72 pre-rolls in seconds with the touch of a button.

The machines are designed for manufacturers. But if you smoke a lot of joints, you may consider purchasing one for home use. They are durable and easy to clean.

There are also products specially made for home users. Just drop in a cone, add your weed, and enjoy a pre-roll with a push of a button.

Advanced Weed Grinders

It’s impossible to roll a great joint without a smooth grind. Updated grinders are among the latest cannabis innovations. Look forward to products with separate compartments for herb and kief.

These are not your mama’s grinders. They have a sleek, modern design. Some even come with gear that helps you pack your pipe.

The Best Weed for Your DNA

Genetics plays a critical role in well-being. Cannabis industry innovators are taking it to a new level. They are providing DNA kits that allow users to analyze their genetics and find the cannabis formulations that are ideal for their profile.

Stop wasting money trying products that aren’t effective. This kit will break it down for you in minutes. You will find the cannabinoids and terpenes best suited to your wellness needs.

Better Storage

Having your weed go bad can be a real drag. But you won’t have to worry if you purchase updated stash jars. These jars have airtight lids that keep air out. Their technology introduces nitrogen gas into the system to remove any remaining oxygen. They will protect your cannabinoids and terpenes, so they are as fresh as they were the day you bought them.

If jars are not your thing, how about a humidity-controlled weed storage case? These attractive cases contain individual jars that organize your weeds and protect them from moisture. The unit locks to keep your weed safe.

Table Lighter

It’s a bummer when you are trying to smoke a joint and you can’t find your lighter. Or worse yet, you find your lighter and it’s dead. You can solve these problems with a reliable and attractive table lighter.

Today’s cannabis lighters have rubber foot pads that keep them in place so you won’t lose it- and it won’t scuff the table. It comes with a warranty and refillable butane torch so you get more bang for your buck.

Cannabis Innovations Require Great Weed

Cannabis innovations may be taking over the industry. But you can’t truly enjoy them without great weed.

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