When it comes to all the ways you can consume cannabis, it seems as if there are too many to count. One of the more novel consumption methods is cannabis transdermal patches. Just like any other type of transdermal patch, they stick to your skin and allow your body to absorb their contents.

If you have never used cannabis transdermal patches, you may be wondering what they do and how they work. This article will answer all your questions.

What are Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

Cannabis transdermal patches are small patches that you attach to your skin like a Band-Aid. They are infused with cannabinoids that absorb into your skin to produce the desired effect. The skin’s heat activates it to release a small amount of THC into your bloodstream.

The patches can be infused with various types of cannabinoids. They will typically feature CBD, THC, or a mix of the two. They may have other cannabinoids, like CBN or CBG, to enhance their effects.

Do THC Transdermal Patches Get You High?

No, a THC transdermal patch will not get you high. The small amount that absorbs into your bloodstream does not produce psychoactive effects. Therefore, it is recommended for people who need the patch for wellness reasons.

Although the patch will not get you high, it can still cause you to test positive on a drug test.

How Do Cannabis Transdermal Patches Work?

When you apply cannabis transdermal patches to your skin, they become activated by your body heat. The cannabinoids absorb into your skin and gradually move throughout your body.

As a bonus, the cannabis bypasses your lungs, liver, and stomach, areas that would normally break down the cannabinoids. As a result, you get 100% of the cannabis effects.

What are the Different Types of Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

Cannabis transdermal patches can be broken down into two categories as follows:

Matrix Patches

In a matrix patch, the cannabinoids are infused into the patch’s design. They are typically in the adhesive. When the adhesive is applied to the skin, cannabis absorbs into your body and begins circulating.

Reservoir Patches

A reservoir patch features cannabinoids contained in a gel that sits in a reservoir inside the patch. When the patch is applied, the cannabis is released through a rate-controlling membrane located between the reservoir and the adhesive. Reservoir patches are often preferred because they offer superior delivery control.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

Full Body Relief

A transdermal patch absorbs throughout your body to provide all-over relief. It differs from some other delivery methods, like topicals, that are specific to one body part.

Time Release

A patch will release cannabinoids into your system gradually to provide consistent delivery throughout the day. Other cannabis delivery systems produce a high that hits at once and tapers off.

Cannabinoid Options

Cannabis transdermal patches come in isolate, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum varieties. You can benefit from just one cannabinoid absorbing into your system, or you can enjoy the full spectrum effect of several cannabinoids. If you prefer not to use THC, choose a broad-spectrum variety.

Patches also come in different concentrations. Choose the one that’s right for you based on the relief you require. If you have never used a cannabis transdermal patch before, start with a low concentration and gradually work your way up as needed.


A transdermal patch can be worn under your clothing for optimal discretion. No one needs to know you are using cannabis.

Easy to Use

Unlike other forms of cannabis that require you to break up weed, roll it, or place it in a pipe or bong, a transdermal patch can simply be placed on the skin.

Dosing Accuracy

With some types of weed, you never know how much you will get. Edibles can have weed unevenly distributed throughout them. And it’s difficult to tell how much you’ll inhale with a pipe or bong.

A patch will provide a consistent dose of weed throughout the day.

Reduced Munchies

You may be concerned that a THC patch will make you feel hungry throughout the day. It may make you feel hungrier than usual, but the fact that it is delivered slowly and consistently as opposed to a joint that delivers large concentrations at once, means it won’t make you feel like you need to pig out every second of the day.

Less Paranoia

The slow absorption also keeps paranoia at bay.

What are the Health Benefits of Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

Cannabis transdermal patches are most often used to treat inflammation, nerve pain, and other types of pain. They may also make you feel more lucid and focused.

How do I use Cannabis Transdermal Patches?

The package will provide instructions on how to use the patch. Most often you will simply unwrap the patch and apply it to the skin.

You will also receive instructions on how long the patch lasts so you know how often to change it. Most patches last around 12 hours.

It’s advisable to apply the patch to different parts of your body with each application to avoid irritation.

South Coast Safe Access’s Cannabis Transdermal Patches

South Coast Safe Access carries the Papa Barkley Releaf Patch. They are available in 30 mg concentrations. Choose from 100% CBD, 1:1 CBD: THC, 1:3 CBD: THC or 3:1 CBD: THC.

The patches are fast-acting and will release cannabinoids into the bloodstream for up to 12 hours. They are made with skin-soothing ingredients like jojoba and avocado oil. They are easy to apply, water-resistant, and slow-release. They are made with whole-plant, solventless, chemical-free cannabis oil.

South Coast Safe Access is your Orange County destination for cannabis transdermal patches and other cannabis products. We carry reliable brands that will help you reach your wellness goals. Our high level of customer service ensures you can find the products that are best suited to your needs.

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