Now that the new year has arrived, many of us will be wondering, what cannabis trends for 2023 can we be looking forward to? This article will give you an overview on what to expect.

What are the Cannabis Trends for 2023?

Increasing Legalization

The cannabis industry has been growing in leaps and bounds in part due to increased legalization throughout the country and throughout the world. That’s one of the cannabis trends for 2023 that’s expected to continue growing.

While many states have some measure of legalization in place, in many cases for medical marijuana only, we can expect to see more approval for recreational use. For example, states like New Mexico, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Minnesota may be climbing aboard. And that will lead to more dispensaries opening and more growth in general throughout the country.

The question is, will we see federal legalization in 2023? That’s something we can only speculate. For now, efforts to legalize at a federal level remain at a standstill.


Customization is another of the growing cannabis trends for 2023. Different strains are being developed and mixed and matched to provide unique flavors and benefits. The idea is to make highly specialized products that target certain medical conditions and/or provide unique psychoactive results.

Hoping a strain will be developed to perfectly fit your tastes and needs? In 2023, it just might happen.

Increased Education

Cannabis has so much potential in promoting health benefits. But it’s being held back by a lack of education. Doctors are unsure of how to prescribe cannabis products leaving dispensary workers to recommend brands and doses. There are also many people that still stigmatize the drug which hinders its ability to improve wellness on a larger level.

The industry is aiming to conquer this dilemma by providing more educational material to the public and the medical industry. Doctors are looking for ways to standardize cannabis so they will be aware of recommended doses, etc. There are also many conferences being held that will raise awareness on a larger scale.

Advanced Technology

Advanced technology is another of the cannabis trends for 2023 we can expect to see. Technology will be developed to aid with tasks such as extraction and growing and picking. This will make processes more efficient and may also lead to more potent products.

One trend that is gaining in popularity is the use of LED bulbs in growing systems. The high-quality natural spectrums and blue and red light frequencies of LEDs work better than regular bulbs. They also require less heat, less electricity, and have a built-in cooling system.

Increased Expenses and Competition

The cannabis industry is growing in leaps and bounds which is good news. But there are increasing pain points to address. Namely, the growing expenses and competition. Many dispensaries are facing high taxes. They are finding it hard to compete with the ever-present illegal facilities that are cutting costs by not paying taxes.

As a result, more efficient equipment is among the cannabis trends for 2023. Business owners are looking for machines that are low in cost, reduce risk, and boost quality and yield. They are also attempting to do more with less.

Another of the cannabis trends for 2023 that goes hand in hand with the increased competition is a crackdown on illegal dispensaries. There will be a particularly concentrated effort in New York where illegal dispensaries are getting out of hand.

At the end of 2022, law enforcement in the city visited 53 locations and seized $41 million in illegal goods. The state expects to continue in a similar fashion throughout the year.

More Demand for Organic

With a huge emphasis on health, there is a growing demand for organic food. Therefore, It should come as no surprise that organic weed with be among the popular cannabis trends for 2023.

To define cannabis as organic, it must be grown through clean methods from the get-go. The problem is, it’s difficult to find clean substrates. Most are synthetically made.

Many growers use Grodan Rockwell, a substrate made through a synthetic process. These growers will be unable to label their product as organic. They may consider switching to bio365’s clean soil to remain competitive.

The Use of Data

Considering the competition, cannabis companies will need to use every resources available to get ahead. Experts believe that this is not necessarily about offering the best products and using the cleverest market strategies, it’s about data collection.

And when companies consider data, they will need to go deep. They need to look at factors such as how the microbial mass in their substrate is affecting their crops and revenue. They will need to consider how the air porosity in their substrate is impacting plant health and yields.

CBD COVID Products

Recent animal and human studies showed that the coronavirus was less likely to take hold in people treated with CBD as opposed to those who were not treated with CBD. As a result, CBD products recommended to protect against the virus will be among the popular cannabis trends for 2023. However, more studies are needed to determine if CBD can truly be effective in reducing risk.

It should also be noted that CBD is the only cannabis constituent shown to protect against COVID. When mixed with THC, it’s protective abilities are decrease. Experts are also warning people that CBD should not be used as a substitute for masking, social distancing, and vaccinations.

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Which of the cannabis trends for 2023 are you most excited about?