If one thing is certain it is that the coronavirus has taken hold of the world and instilled fear in us all. There are many claims floating around out there of “snake oils” and magical cures to rid yourself of the virus. Many are talking about what helps prevent, treat, and cure COVID. In fact, many have taken note of how CBD has helped them in their daily lives and wondered just how CBD might help in the face of COVID. Read on to find out some facts and myths we have found after some digging about how cannabis can help you stay healthy.

Myth: CBD is a Magic Bullet

Some will claim that CBD is a magic bullet that cures everything under the sun including coronavirus. This is simply not true and misleads some users. It also damages the reputation of the plant itself when it does not work as advertised. CBD does, however, help with the symptoms of a wide range of ailments. These include anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammatory diseases, and a variety of serious conditions such as cancer and epilepsy. CBD does have the ability to help with many things and provides users relief every day. Yet there is debate as to how much it helps with COVID. Some argue that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD help in the prevention and especially the recovery from coronavirus. Others argue that it helps to boost the immune system, preventing the disease in the first place. The truth is it will take more time and research to determine CBD’s effectiveness against the coronavirus. For now, the doctors recommend sticking to Acetaminophen to fight the fever associated with COVID.

Myth: CBD is Fast Acting

Another way that users are misled is by being told that CBD is fast-acting and can be felt the first time you use it. In fact, CBD can take some users a week or two to start feeling the effects and benefits of CBD. This is because the body’s receptors for cannabinoids need time to adjust to the new higher levels of the compounds in the body. This makes it an ineffective treatment for the symptoms associated with coronavirus. However, it could help to boost the immune system when taken long before exposure or symptoms become apparent. CBD does an excellent job of helping to keep your body healthy by maintaining homeostasis so it could turn out to be an effective preventive measure. Seeking a doctor’s advice might be a good idea, no matter what your CBD plans may be.

Fact: Terpenes May Kill COVID

Some scientists have found that a unique blend of terpenes may actually be an effective antiviral drug. It is specially designed to prevent viral infections in those that are considered high risk to the coronavirus. Research of cannabis conducted after the SARS outbreak in 2002 has shown that terpenes can be powerful antiviral agents. Certain terpenes were shown to reduce the severity and the impact when coming into contact with the SARS virus. This was found to be true both in the body and in the petri dish and that these terpenes would prevent the virus from penetrating healthy cells. They would accomplish this by withholding a specific protein associated with the replication of RNA thus thwarting infection. This is proving that cannabis may indeed in some form turn out to be an effective treatment for the prevention of COVID and other SARS-like viruses.

Fact: CBD Can Help

The most effective way that CBD can help with the coronavirus pandemic is helping to reduce the effects of anxiety and depression. Many users report that CBD has helped them deal with these much more effectively than other methods. In addition to helping ease the mind, CBD can also be a great supplement to add to a multivitamin and maybe a dose of vitamin C. These can help to boost the immune system and take advantage of your body’s natural ability to ward off disease.


CBD may not be the cure-all that everyone was hoping for when it comes to the coronavirus. However, it does have its place and essentially an army of followers who swear by it. It definitely can qualify as preventative care and leads to overall good health and well being. CBD added to a healthy and active lifestyle is a great way to help prevent any diseases including the coronavirus.