We are all aware of the many ways CBD can benefit human health. But it can also improve the quality of life for cats and dogs. CBD for pets is known to aid with anxiety, pain, and seizures.

This article will discuss CBD for pets and what you need to know before giving cannabis to your furry friends.  

What Symptoms Does CBD for Pets Treat?

Pain: Chronic pain is common in older pets. Pets may suffer from arthritis, bone disease, cancer, dental problems, and infections. They may also feel discomfort after surgical procedures. CBD reduces pain in pets and improves quality of life.

Seizures: One small study showed that CBD oil derived from hemp plants lowered seizure occurrence in epileptic dogs after 12 weeks.

Anxiety: Dogs may feel anxious when adjusting to a new home, when owners take vacations, or when they encounter someone or something they are not familiar with. CBD reduces anxiety that can lead to destructive behavior. It boosts serotonin levels to increase happiness and relaxation.

Is CBD for Pets Safe?

Limited studies have been conducted on CBD for pets. There are still questions regarding its safety and efficacy.

A 2023 review looked at rodent and in vitro studies. It found that companion animals injected with CBD show good bioavailability and few side effects. Dog studies show that the cannabis compound improves symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, pruritis (itchy skin), and epilepsy.

However, more studies are needed to determine CBD’s effects.

Furthermore, the cannabis market is still highly unregulated. Many manufacturers take advantage of the lack of regulations and release products that are not as pure and potent as advertised. Source your CBD for pets from a reliable brand to reduce health risks.

Additionally, there have been side effects in pets that use CBD products. They include diarrhea, fatigue, and appetite changes. These symptoms are typically mild and get better with time.

However, pet owners should keep an eye on their pets and monitor for adverse effects after dosing.

What Forms of CBD for Pets Are Available?

CBD for pets is available as topicals, oils, and treats. Oils can be administered under the tongue or added to food. Topicals should be applied to the affected area.

Can I Give Human CBD Products to My Pet?

An isolated shot of a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever dog looking at the camera while a ginger cat looks at it lying in front of a white background

Yes, generally you can give CBD products to your pet. However, you must follow your vet’s dosage recommendations. You should also read the label to ensure the product does not contain any ingredients that are toxic to pets.

CBD for pets is also often flavored with a taste pets will enjoy. Human CBD may have an unpleasant taste that pets will not like. Disguise human CBD in pet food to ensure a good dosing experience.  

What Dose of CBD Should I Give My Pet?

Due to limited studies, there is no established dosage for CBD for pets. One study showed that 2 mg per kilogram of body weight twice a day can reduce pain in dogs with osteoarthritis. However, it was also reported that liver damage occurred in the study participants.

Most CBD for pet products will have dosage recommendations on the label. However, you may want to start with a low dosage to see how your pet reacts. If all goes well, you can work your pet up to higher doses.

Is THC Safe for Pets?

THC is generally safe for pets. Although there have been cases of fatalities, they are rare and only occur at very high doses.

However, there are few, if any, THC products for pets on the market due to limited research. It’s also possible that THC may increase anxiety in pets. You also run into many uncertainties that pertain to CBD, such as unregulated markets and unclear dosage amounts.

Many pet CBD products are full spectrum meaning they contain CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes including THC. The THC in these products is typically below .03%. It is meant to enhance the effects of CBD. It will not get your pet high.

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