Educating yourself on the do’s and don’ts that come with edibles is the best way to understand how they work. Not only that, but getting the right dose is really going to make a difference. Edibles provide a palatable way to enjoy the marijuana of choice without having to smoke it. This is a recommended way to ingest the product to receive the maximum benefits. Speaking with the Orange County dispensary can provide you with more information regarding the edibles you’d like to enjoy.

 Do’s for Edibles

Start out small when trying edibles. You don’t want to overdo the dosage if you’re unsure of what your body is able to tolerate. It is easy to consume much more than you need when you have edibles that are delicious. You forget they even have marijuana in them because you cannot taste it, you just taste the candy or baked good.

Be patient once you ingest the product. Marijuana-based edibles can take a bit for the magic to kick in. If you don’t feel anything right away, that is normal. Give it some time to adjust and work within your body. Once your chemistry mixes with its magical chemistry, you can have the relaxing affect you seek.

Realize that the effects from edibles are different than the ones you get from smoking the marijuana. It is much stronger, packs a punch and can last for up to 12 hours, which is much longer than from those that just smoke. This is why so many choose to go with this route. You need less, it lasts longer and gives a deeper effect.

Have munchies on hand and even enjoy them while you’re enjoying the edibles. Having the edibles on an empty stomach can hit you harder and without warning. It is recommended that you enjoy a light meal, have the edibles and then extra snacks on hand. It is also good to stay away from alcohol for a bit while you’re waiting for the effects of the marijuana to kick in. Alcohol might intensify the feeling, which can lead to messy results.

Do try different types of edibles with different strains. They all differ from one another, so it is important that the person considers all of their options. Each strain reacts differently in the body, so even if they are not keen on one strain, another one might provide the results that they desire from an edible. This all depends on the person, the effects they’re looking for and the strains available at the dispensary in OC.  

 Dont’s for Edibles

Don’t have the edibles in a place that you’re not familiar or comfortable with. You want to be somewhere comfortable, while being relaxed and understanding. Being in the right mindset is ideal for consumption since this will make your comfort level deeper and more relaxing overall.

Don’t show off and eat four brownies and a lollipop with marijuana. The effects are much stronger, as mentioned above, and you will want to wait for them to kick in before you understand your tolerance for the product.

Don’t choose edibles from just any place. Choose edibles that come from a reputable, trustworthy Orange County dispensary. They can not only recommend the best edibles for you to use, but also provide further tips and tricks, suggest a dosage and answer any questions you might have if this is your first time using the edibles.

Don’t expect to run a marathon and do much of anything when you are using edibles. They provide a relaxation unlike any other. They are not only easy to ingest, but they are easy to make you want to forget the world around you. This is a great thing for those with chronic pain that need to relax all of the muscles in their body and shut off their mind. With many strains available, you’re able to choose one that works the best with the symptoms that you’re trying to alleviate.

Having the ability to use edibles is a great resource, especially for those unable to smoke marijuana. The edibles are delicious, made with care and provide multiple levels of comfort for the user. It is recommended that the user speak with a qualified professional that the Orange County dispensary where they buy marijuana in OC to find out more regarding the edibles that they sell on their shelves. They can give pointers to not only those new to the edible experience, but to those new to the area.