We all know not to bogart that joint. But that is far from the only rule of weed etiquette. There are several other rules to consider if you want to smoke out with your friends and get invited back.

This article will review the rules of proper weed etiquette to ensure you are included in your friends’ weed-smoking groups.

The Rules of Weed Etiquette

Pass to the Left

Don’t play favorites. Always pass to the left.

Honestly, to me, this one doesn’t make a lot of sense. Most people will have their joint in their right hand after smoking. Passing to the right seems more intuitive.

Some say that the tradition of passing to the left was inspired by the Musical Youth song, “Pass the Dutchie” but who knows? In any case, the more important thing is to keep passing the same way. That means everyone gets an equal amount.

Don’t Lip the Joint

Ew… there are few things grosser than getting a joint passed to you that is wet with another person’s spit. Try not to get the joint overly wet by swallowing before inhaling. Have your lips in a closed position when you drag.

If you get the joint wet, wipe it off before passing it.

Ash the Joint or Blunt

The rules of weed etiquette state that you must ash a joint before you pass it. Don’t pass the joint to someone if it still has ash on the head.

Always Share Your Weed

Lighting up among friends? Ask them if they want a toke.

Theoretically, the same goes if you light up among strangers. But that presents another weed etiquette topic….

Don’t Light Up in Public

Weed may be legal in most states, but that doesn’t mean you should just light up in a public place. For example, you should never light up on a city sidewalk. You don’t know who might be offended.

It’s okay to light up at a party or when you’re around friends who want to indulge. But toking in public is not only rude, it’s illegal in most states. You may be fined if you light up in a bar, restaurant, or public space.

In California, you could be fined $100 for smoking weed in public and $250 if you smoke in an area where any kind of smoking is prohibited.

Ask If It’s Okay

Not sure if it’s okay to light up? According to weed etiquette, you should always. Ask first.

If you are at a party or hanging out with friends, and everyone’s drinking beers, don’t presume it’s okay to light up. Ask the host and the other people around for the green light before consuming.

Don’t Bogart That Joint

Thanks to the song by Little Feat, bogarting a joint may be the most common rule of weed etiquette. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means you should not hog the joint. Don’t take more than one drag per turn, and don’t start telling stories when you are holding the joint.

Wonder where the term bogart came from? Many say it stems from Henry Bogart who always had a cigarette hanging from his lip. It also may be that the actor always held his cigarette in the downward position which caused it to burn faster.

The First Rule of Weed Etiquette is Don’t Talk About Weed

That was meant to be a Fight Club reference for those who don’t know.

But the overall message is, don’t brag about weed or talk about it to make everyone think you’re cool. Of course, there are times when weed will come up in conversations, but if you’re bragging, you’re breaking weed etiquette rules.

Roller’s Rights

Many weed consumers say the person who rolls the weed has the right to the first puff. I say it could also be the person who owns the weed. But either way, there should be a conversation about first puff rights. Don’t grab the joint and light up if you neither supplied the weed nor rolled it.

Pitch into the Weed Cause

If you have friends you smoke out with, don’t be the one who is always smoking everyone else’s weed. Offer to bring your weed the next time.

No Peer Pressure

Respect people’s beliefs and limits. If someone around you doesn’t want to smoke, or if they feel like they’ve had enough, don’t pressure them into indulging.

Corner Bowls

It’s good weed etiquette to light a pipe from the corner near the edge of the bowl. Running the lighter over the entire bowl will make the weed taste burnt. If you keep the flame to the corner, there will be a fresh hit for the next person.

Show Consideration for Newbies

There may be someone in the group who is new to weed or hasn’t smoked for a while. Be kind to them and walk them through the consuming process. Show them what buttons to hit and which holes to cover.

Never try to get a newbie to take a hit they can’t handle. Encourage them to take small doses if necessary.

Know Your Limits

Hippie style couple smoking cigarettes with medical marijuana.

An experienced smoker will know when they’ve had enough. They will admit they are at their limit and sit out until they are ready.

Some continue to smoke even when they know they’ve had enough. In addition to hogging the weed, they may get high to the points where their friends need to take care of them. And not many people want to spend their high taking care of someone who doesn’t know how to hold their weed.

Smoke Quality Weed

As the supplier of weed, it’s up to you to provide quality weed. Ensure the weed is tasty and lab-tested. Don’t rely on shoddy brands with products that may not be as pure and potent as advertised.

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