2024 is already in full swing. The newlywed period has worn off and we are now starting to plan our spring itineraries. Cannabis tours can be just what you need to make the coming season the most exciting one ever.

But what exactly are cannabis tours? What can you expect when you plan one? Read on to learn everything you need to know.

What are Cannabis Tours?

Cannabis tours vary depending on the company that’s offering them. Most will take you to various destinations such as dispensaries, cannabis farms, and even some wineries. You may visit movie sets as well.

Guests drive around on Cannabus where they can smoke and toke while they take in the scenery.

Cannabis tour companies tend to offer more than cannabis tours. They may also offer classes and activities.

For example, you may attend a pot-themed cooking class where you learn how to cook cannabis-infused delicacies while getting stoned. Then you can satisfy your munchies. Other class ideas include puff and pass painting and POT-ery.

Cannabis Tour Companies to Check Out

There are several cannabis tour companies to check out. Here are a few to consider booking with this spring.

Cannabis Tours

This company offers cannabis tours in California, Las Vegas, Denver, Washington, D.C., Portland Alaska, Seattle, and Boston. They also offer classes and activities in each city. They even recommend 420-friendly hotels that offer cannabis-themed amenities.

Cali guests can enjoy a CannaVines Bay Area Wine and Weed Tour or the Oaktown Essential Cannabis Tour of Local Dispensaries.

Las Vegas cannabis tours are coming soon and will include a sneak peek of the city’s cannabis dispensaries and manufacturing plants. In the meantime, guests can enjoy the company’s pot-themed activities and classes, Vegas tours, and 420-friendly hotel recommendations.

The Denver cannabis tour is the company’s longest-running tour. Visit Medicine Man, Denver’s most epic blow facility, and take in a live glass-blowing class.

The company also partners with Bud and Breakfasts, private residences, and hotels for exciting tours of Boston, Alaska, Seattle, Portland, and Washington, D.C.

Weed Bus L.A.

Weed Bus L.A. is a cannabis tours company to hit up if you are visiting or live in SoCal. Choose from their Winery & Grow Facility Tour, or their Dispensary Crawl and Movie Set Tour.

The company also offers a Stoner Paint Activity which includes supplies, a penny pre-roll, and entry to their penthouse cannabis lounge. Their Green Eggs and Jams Karaoke-infused nighttime brunch experience is a terrific way to spend a Saturday night.

Amsterdam 420 Smoke-Friendly Boat Tour

If you are going to take a cannabis tour, Amsterdam is the place to do it. This one-hour tour kicks off in the heart of the Red Light District. Guests can enjoy their weed products as they listen to reggae music and enjoy the city’s scenic views.  

The boat is heated in cold weather. You can sit inside or outside. Each guest is entitled to one beer or soft drink.

Colorado Cannabis Tours

Colorado Cannabis Tours provides tours all over Colorado, one of America’s most weed-friendly states. Their tours include the Original Colorado Cannabis Tour which includes visits to two dispensaries and a live glass-blowing demonstration. You can choose from limo and cannabus tours to find the option best suited for your group.

Their Mountain Sunset Tour starts with a visit to a retro video arcade. Then guests will travel to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre and other scenic stops like Buffalo Bill’s Grave, Lariat Loop, and the Golden Ill Food and Drink Hall. Each guest is provided with a joint before the tour starts.

CannaBoos Haunted 420 Denver Ghost Tour is an excellent choice for weed-loving fans of the supernatural. This tour also starts at the retro arcade. Then the guide will sprint you off on a tour of the Haunted Sights of Denver. All guests receive two low-THC pre-rolls and full-spectrum gummies.

If you are in town for the holiday season, you can enjoy the company’s Denver High Light Holiday Tour which takes you through Denver’s iconic light displays. You can also opt for a Cannabis Industry Insider Tour which includes an in-depth, behind-the-scenes grow consultation.

Long Island Cannabis Tours

Long Island Cannabis Tours is a great choice for people living on the East Coast. Hop on a party bus, limo, or stretch SUV and learn about cannabis culture in the area.

The company focuses on a learning experience. After guests leave, they will know the differences between marijuana, cannabis, CBD hemp, and medical and recreational weed. You will also learn about weed’s many hemp benefits.

 The trip will take you on a tour of licensed growers in the area. The company conducts and Q&A session at the end of the trip to ensure all your questions have been answered.

Cannabis Tours FAQs

Happy friends chatting in limousine on a night out

How Long are Cannabis Tours?

Cannabis tours typically range from 1 to 3.5 hours.

How Expensive are Cannabis Tours?

Cannabis tours typically cost about $25 per hour.

How Many People Are Allowed Per Cannabis Tour?

Cannabis tour accommodations range by company and tour type. You can choose private limousine tours or party bus tours. The number of people in attendance will vary depending on the size of the vehicle.

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