One thing I think all of us learned in 2020 besides washing our hands more often is that lockdown sucks. It truly does suck to be locked away at home all the time while fearing for your life just to get the essentials outside of your front door. It sure would be easier to deal with if we could all just hang out with our friends and family again. Maintaining a six-foot distance from everyone else can be a serious pain in the rear, but it is what needs to be done to limit the damage of this deadly virus. To make it even worse, what everyone thought would be a quick thing, maybe lasting three months has slowly crept into ten with no real end in sight. Just thinking about it makes me want to get high with my best friend. Here are some tips to help you get stoned with your friends while social distancing.

Facetime, Zoom, And Other Apps

The blessings of the modern era, especially in these crazy times are technology and social media. Anyone so inclined to keep up with their friends and family can simply check on them by looking at their feed or sending them a text. Even better is the awesome technology of video calling. We have finally reached the future and seeing the other person on the line is no longer just a gimmick from Back To The Future II. Relatives and friends are now just a simple icon click away making it is easy to see them and it even feels like hanging out. Just because the pandemic is cramping your style doesn’t mean you can’t get the good old fashioned comfort of some human company.

Livestream A Movie Together

Using the above apps it is now possible to put a movie on and watch it together. There are even dedicated programs that are just a quick Google search away designed to facilitate this endeavor. Pick out your favorite classic, maybe Back To The Future II, and throw it on for you and your buddies to watch. Roll up some joints, pack the bong, and bring on the snacks. There’s no better way to pass quarantine than by getting high and watching movies with the ones you love. For an even better time check out our blog about Stoner Movies to Watch During Quarantine and get ready to laugh your sad times away!

BYOW At Drive-In Meet Ups

BYOW (bring your own weed) to drive in meetups with your friends. It doesn’t matter where you go just as long as you are sure to wear your mask, between puffs, and stay six feet apart. It could be a picnic in the park where everyone brings their own food and weed. Another great idea would be a drive-in movie theatre where everyone can just stay in their car, but also benefit from having others around them. Get creative because almost anywhere you can think of can become an excellent drive-in meet up location. The main point is just to be able to talk to friends in person and the comfort of the camaraderie.

BYOW And Outdoor Stuff

Another idea to consider is outdoor activities while bringing your own weed to puff on. Things like riding a bike or hiking can be awesome activities to do with friends while maintaining social distancing. In addition, these are phenomenal activities to do by yourself to help alleviate the grind of lockdown. Everyone can benefit from some rays of sunshine and fresh air. Another idea is camping with friends, but using different sites that are a reasonable distance from each other. There are millions of fun outdoor activities that can be done together and without getting too close. Use your imagination and you and your friends can surely have some good old fashioned fun time while being high together. Just be sure not to share the weed!

Wear A HAZMAT Suit

Or just forget the social distancing altogether and wear a HAZMAT suit while chilling with your buds. Hah! Just kidding! As tempted as you are right now it is a good idea to follow the tips above to keep us all safe. Remember to wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance. If we all do our part this will be over much sooner. Use these ideas to get high with your loved ones, but without the unnecessary risk and be sure to have fun!