Today, it’s not so strange to hear about celebrities that use cannabis. But if you go back in time, you may be shocked to find out about historical figures who smoked weed. These individuals include famous leaders who brought significant changes to the world.

So who are these historical weed smokers? Read on to find out.

Historical Figures Who Smoked Weed

Christopher Columbus

Barcelona’s statue of Christopher Columbus has been a fixture of the community for over 120 years. It was only recently discovered that there are cannabis leaves at the foot of the statue. So what’s the connection? Is Columbus one of the historical figures who smoked weed?

Columbus was an innovative hemp user. He used it to make his ships’ ropes and sails. His lamps were fueled with hemp oil. It served as nutrition for his crew. The plant was even incorporated into his book’s pages and his nightshirt.

When Columbus’s ships landed in 1492, he reportedly had huge quantities of cannabis seeds on board. He may have intended to plant those seeds in the new world. He may have also used them for trade.

Queen Elizabeth

It is unknown whether Queen Elizabeth is one of the historical figures who smoked weed. But she ordered it to be grown on her land.

In 1533, King Henry ordered all landowners to set aside one-quarter acre of their land for hemp cultivation to satisfy the demand for the navy’s rope and sailcloth.

Queen Elizabeth reintroduced the law in 1563. She also expanded it to add a five-pound fine for anyone who failed to comply.

As a result, hemp became an important part of the British economy. It was instrumental in the colonization of the New World.

George Washington

It’s a well-known fact that George Washington grew hemp on his Virginia plantation. It was a useful crop for shipbuilding and trade. However, some claim the president also used cannabis for pain-relieving properties and other needs.

Sources go back and forth on the issue. There is no clear evidence that Washington is one of the historical figures who smoked weed.

James Monroe

James Monroe is one of the eleven presidents known to smoke weed. He openly smoked hashish during his time as Ambassador to France. He continued smoking it until he died at age 73.

Alexandre Dumas

Alexandre Dumas was a French writer famous for writing The Three Musketeers. He was also one of the historical figures who smoked weed.

He was a well-known weed user and advocate. He even started a club that allowed users to try new strains of marijuana.

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was no ordinary woman. In addition to being a great warrior, she was also a pagan and a witch. Some believed her to be in a league with the devil.

Many believe that her pagan practices included the use of psychoactive plants. However, it is also believed that she suffered from a mental disorder which may have accounted for her unusual personality. Either way, she was an interesting figure.

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy took office in 1961. During that time, the world was revolutionizing. Weed was becoming more acceptable.

JFK stood out as a modern and vibrant president. However, he suffered from many ailments that he tried to hide from the public. They included chronic back pain and Addison’s disease.

It is believed that JFK smoked weed for its pain-relieving properties. But there is no proof that he is one of the historical figures who smoked weed.

William Shakespeare

Shakespeare came up with some impressive stories. Was his creativity fueled by weed?

In 2001, a South African anthropologist named Frances Thackery used narcotics crime lab tech to determine what substances were smoked 400 years ago. He looked at old pipe fragments excavated from Stratford-upon-Avon.

His findings included four pipes dug up from Shakespeare’s back garden with substances that had similar chemical structures to cannabis. However, there is no evidence that the pipes belonged to Shakespeare or that he smoked out of them.

Experts have argued back and forth over whether Shakespeare was one of the historical figures who smoked weed. Thackery believes he did. In addition to the pipe findings, he also cites Shakespeare’s likeness which appears on a 1598 botanical book. He also notes phrases from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 76 which reference “invention in a noted weed” and “compounds strange”.

Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott’s famous quote, “Heaven bless hashish” speaks for itself. While the author is best known for writing “Little Women” she created several other literary works that explored the use of cannabis and hashish.

For example, her short stories “Perilous Play” and “A Modern Mephistopheles” involved characters involved in shenanigans brought on after cannabis usage. Some cite them as one of the first stoner comedies. It is safe to say the author was one of the historical figures who smoked weed.

Francis Crick

Francis Crick was a molecular biologist who played a critical role in genetics. He is also one of the historical figures who smoked weed. He even lobbied for legalization in the 1960s.

And while the scientist may have dabbled with marijuana, psychedelics were his true passion. It is said he was high on weed when he first deduced the secret of life, i.e., the double helix structure of DNA. He was also a follower of Aldous Huxley who wrote several short stories that described his psychedelic experiences.

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan is an astronomer, communicator, and one of the historical figures who smoked weed. He penned a secret essay in 1969 that described his personal history with marijuana. The essay was later published in the 1971 book “Marihuana Reconsidered” by Lester Grinspoon. However, it is credited under the pseudonym Mr. X.

Sagan only used weed occasionally but he described how it enriched his life. He said he had many positive experiences getting high in his mid-30s. “Since then, I have smoked weed occasionally and enjoyed it thoroughly,” he wrote.

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