With all of the craziness going on in our world in 2020 the upcoming election is more important than ever before. This year has been a rollercoaster of emotions with major ups and downs complete with headlines that were shocking to us all. We certainly live in unprecedented times with stress levels through the roof for most people. All these undue complications led many to age-old methods of coping with an unusual amount of turbulence. Of course, alcohol is the tried and true standby that most have gravitated towards. However, there has also been a rise in the usage of weed for some. In fact, many people who were historically against the use of cannabis or stopped using it in the past have now turned to it to help them handle today’s stresses. This is a great move for most considering how damaging alcohol can be to your body and your mind over time. With so many people becoming pot smokers in the year 2020 it may make you wonder, how are stoners a danger to Trump in the 2020 election?

Trump Is Anti-Weed

Trump claimed during the 2016 election that he would not interfere with the state’s rights in the legalization and regulation of cannabis products, especially those that were medical. However, despite saying these remarks, he seemed to turn a blind eye to his statements and in fact went even further to strengthen the government’s prohibition of it. His administration went as far as to remove three Obama era memos known colloquially as the “Cole Memo.” This memorandum ensured the federal government would not interfere with a state’s legalized recreational marijuana infrastructure as long as it did not interfere with other federal priorities such as keeping pot out of the hands of minors or cartels. It represented a dramatic change from strict enforcement of marijuana prohibition to a more hands-off approach. The memo was rescinded by Jeff Sessions and it was not made clear whether new guidance would be put into place or it would revert to older policies and left states with uncertainty about the enforcement of federal laws. In a 2017 press conference, it was said that the federal government could pursue more heavy-handed enforcement of federal marijuana prohibition laws. In fact, white house press secretary Sean Spicer said the administration believed there is a strong link between recreational pot usage and opioid abuse despite the evidence suggesting the exact opposite.

Most Of Trump’s Supporters Are Also Anti-Weed

Simple as pie. Most people who support Trump are also anti-weed and will sometimes refer to pot smokers as druggies. These include, but are not limited to anti-cannabis people in general, the upper class whose drug of choice is often alcohol, fanatical Christians whose drug of choice is doctor-prescribed opioids, and of course most of the anti-LGBTQ community. Let’s face it, many of these groups are dwindling year by year with their outdated beliefs and dangerous ignorance. It seems unlikely that people with these antiquated views will turn out in high enough numbers to sway the election into Trump’s favor.

Most Americans Are Likely To Vote Democrat

Most Americans support some form of legalization of pot. In the past twenty years, it has gone from just 30% of the population supporting marijuana reform to a staggering 67% in the year 2019. Many people have woken up to the failing war on drugs and how much money, time, and most importantly, lives were lost in this battle against a plant. Americans now see the damage that is done by pharmaceutical corporations slinging their legal drugs destroying families and livelihoods in the process. They are all too familiar with the tale of the man with a bad back getting hooked on painkillers only to resort to buying heroin off the streets because it is cheaper than his prescriptions. Without mincing words, this is a disgrace. Especially when weed has been shown to be an effective medicine for chronic pain and has in fact led to less opioid abuse and fewer deaths as a result.

Taking all this into consideration many Americans are more likely to vote blue than to vote red this year. Democrats are way more liberal when it comes to their stance on marijuana legalization. Heck, some are even gung ho pro-cannabis, which is great news for all stoners in the US. On top of everything else this year, many people are ready to see some meaningful change in this world. Millions have begun to realize that this senseless lack of respect for a highly beneficial plant that has been used by humans for over 10,000 years is absurd. It is safe to say that one of the most dangerous things to Trump’s presidency could be stoners. No one should ever underestimate their motivation when you try and take their weed away! Especially in the middle of a pandemic!