Cannabis is rapidly taking over the world of natural health. Many people are turning to it to achieve higher levels of wellness. If you are considering adding it to your health routine, you may wonder, what cannabis dosage is right for me?

The recommended cannabis dosage will vary depending on your tolerance, biological factors, and the type of product you are using. However, some rough guidelines will help you achieve the perfect dose. Here are some to consider.

Finding the Ideal Starting Cannabis Dosage

The National Institute of Health has set 5 mg. as the standard dose of THC.  However, this is not a cannabis dosage limit or consumption recommendation. It’s simply a unit of measurement for cannabis research.

5 mg could serve as a guideline for people who are new to cannabis, but it’s advisable to work up to that dose, especially if you are using stronger forms of cannabis. For example, edibles tend to be strong, so you should start with a lower dosage. 1-2 small inhalations of a smokable product or 2 mg of a tincture are other recommended starting points.

Here are some general guidelines for early users:

How is THC Content Calculated?

THC is measured in milligrams (mg). The label will tell you how many milligrams the total product contains. So, if you buy a package of 30 gummies with 150 mg of THC, each gummy will contain 5 mg. of THC.

However, the type of product will also factor into THC’s effects. For example, edibles hit harder because they are broken down by the digestive system. They travel to your stomach and liver before they get to your bloodstream and brain. The fact that they are absorbed in so many parts of the body contributes to a delayed yet more powerful hit,

Cannabis Dosage Based on Product

THC Flower

Cannabis flowers can be smoked in a joint, a pipe, or a bong. New users should start with a .25-gram joint with a THC content of 10%- 20%. Limit initial cannabis dosage to one or two tokes.

Users should wait at least 15 minutes after taking the first tokes to see how the weed will affect them before proceeding.


Cannabis edibles are very potent. They should be consumed by experienced users only. Start low and slow to see how they will affect you before proceeding.

Some states consider 5-10 mg to be a standard edible cannabis dosage. However, new users should aim for a dose between 1-5 mg to ensure they don’t overdo it.

cannabis brownies and cannabis leaves put on white floor

Several factors will determine edibles’ effects. For example, if you eat edibles on an empty stomach, they will hit harder. Your emotional state and diet will also play a role. You may also eat a part of the edible that has a high or low concentration of THC.

Edibles go through the digestive system, so they take a long time to hit. Wait 1-2 hours before determining how they affect you. Wait at least 24 hours before trying another dose.


Tinctures are typically administered under the tongue. Many feel they offer the most controlled dosing of all cannabis products. They come with droppers that tell you how much you should take to achieve the recommended dose.

However, dosing can be harder to determine if you mix a tincture into a food product. When this occurs, the tincture can spread throughout the food and may provide uneven doses. The THC will also be processed by your digestive system for delayed and more potent effects.

New users should start with a 1-2 mg tincture cannabis dosage. Administer the tincture under the tongue and hold it for one minute before swallowing. Wait 1-2 hours to determine how the product will affect you.


People who vape will purchase a vape cartridge based on the following information:

If you divide the THC content by the number of puffs you get from the pen, you will determine how much THC is in each puff. So, a vape pen with a total THC content of 350 mg will give you 3.5 THC per puff.

However, the THC concentration will also factor in. The higher the concentration, the more potent the puff will be.


Dabbing involves heating a highly concentrated form of THC on a dab nail and inhaling. Dab concentrates can have up to 100% THC. Only experienced users should consider dabbing.

Other Considerations

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These cannabis dosage guidelines should give you a good idea of what to expect when you indulge. However, there are other factors to consider such as:

Cannabis is a great natural health solution. But it’s imperative to get the right cannabis dosage.

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