You want to kick back and watch a TV show. Something new and interesting. Sometimes it is hard to pick a new show to watch. There are so many to pick from, and how do you know what’s good? If you’re into documentaries or true crime shows, we might have the perfect recommendation for you. Hulu’s Sasquatch: NorCal Cannabis Farms and the dark truth behind them. Hulu’s Sasquatch takes a look at a murder incident that occurred in NorCal’s cannabis farms in 1993. The 3 part series breakdown the investigative journey to try and uncover the truth of what really occurred. Although, as the title suggests, the legend of Sasquatch is investigated, it also involves a scarier truth. This murder mystery is worth a watch. 

Warning: Spoilers Ahead. 

The show follows David Holthouse, an investigative journalist. Holthouse is known for diving into underworld cultures and undercover investigations, such as infiltrating street gangs and Neo-Nazis. The show centers around this murder story of 3 immigrant workers found torn limb from limb on a pot farm in 1993. Specifically, in the Emerald Triangle area. This area includes Mendocino, Trinity, and Humboldt county. This area is known to produce great quality pot, as well as being the home of Sasquatch. Holthouse knows of this story because he heard it first hand when he was working with pot farmers nearby in ‘93. The show includes clips of animations recreating the scene of when he heard this story. The eerie design really nails the creepiness of it all. 

Sasquatch Legend 

As the title of the show suggests, they do go into the legend of Sasquatch. The man who found the bodies accuses Sasquatch, because what else could possibly rip 3 men apart. Because of this suggestion that Sasquatch was the one to blame, Holthouse has no option but to consider this possibility. The show interviews believers, skeptics, and academics, most of them being locals. The believers are convinced that Bigfoot lives in the woods in the Emerald Triangle. Though, they all have different opinions on its friendliness and abilities. The skeptics blame the isolation of the woods and the human instinct of fear that cause people to believe in such legends. The academics provide insight as to why Sasquatch may not exist, but equally cannot completely dismiss it. 

Regardless, the show goes past this urban legend and attempts to find more concrete evidence than just tales. This is where the show takes a darker turn. 

NorCal Cannabis Farms 

In the 70s, many people migrated into the Emerald Triangle area as a form to escape society and find freedom. Many of these people were considered to be hippies and peaceful individuals. They went in large numbers and formed communities that lived off the land. They saw it as a form of returning to the earth. And what better place to go to than to the beautiful woods of Northern California. Unfortunately, it seemed the only way to make money in order to survive was to farm cannabis. It was unfortunate then because cannabis was still illegal. Regardless, they continued to farm. 

There was also the existence of the Campaign Against Marijuana Planting (CAMP). This organization worked to remove and destroy cannabis farms. They constantly targeted these farmers and took their crops. It was like a war of its own. Eventually, the cannabis farmers had to adapt and find ways to continue farming without getting caught. The show interviews both cannabis farmers and CAMP officers from the time. 

Labor Exploitation

Another interesting perspective that this docuseries includes is the labor exploitation of immigrant workers that occurs on these cannabis farms. Starting in the 80’s, cannabis farmers began hiring immigrant workers, similar to fruit pickers in Central Valley. Since then, the tense environment left from CAMP raids carried over. Ghostdance, a cannabis farmer, explains that there are racial tensions between the white and Latino community in the Emerald Triangle area. Not to mention, the lawlessness of the isolated areas allows for brutal and severe solutions to conflicts. 

As the main murder story states, it was 3 immigrant workers who were torn to shreds. While working on these farms in ‘93, Holthouse worked alongside many immigrant workers. Some of them even warned him of Sasquatch and those tales, though Holthouse assumed they were just teasing. 

In an attempt to find out more about his own case, Holthouse stumbles upon multiple murder incidents. Many of these new cases involve immigrant workers who were murdered and found in the Emerald area. At every step Holthouse receives new information, it widens the case and reveals dark truths. 

Hulu’s Sasquatch is worth the watch. The mysteries and dark truths of Northern California’s cannabis farms keep you on the edge of your seat.