Lately, there has been some cannabis international news as Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis.

Cannabis was once thought of as an illicit substance. But recent studies show that it can produce several benefits. It is effective reducing stress and relieving pain. There is even evidence that it may help prevent and treat more serious health conditions.

As a result, many states, cities, and countries are legalizing cannabis.

The latest news is that Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis. Read on to find out what’s going on in Ireland natural health and political news.

About the Proposed Bill: Ireland Wants to Legalize Recreational Use of Cannabis

The proposed bill for Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis was introduced by the People Before Profit, a left wing to  far left political platform. It aims to legalize the adult use of cannabis for personal use.

However, it does not put regulations in place for the sale or cultivation of cannabis. Therefore, even if the bill is passed, it’s likely users will need to continue to purchase it from the illegal market.

The bill is being considered by the Irish Parliament and will need to be approved by the Dail (lower house) to go into effect.

The focus of the bill will be to decriminalize cannabis use and to stop prosecuting cannabis users as opposed to legalizing the drug. If it is approved, more steps may be taken to make cannabis more accessible for personal use.

Ireland’s approach to cannabis legalization differs from other European countries. For example, Malta, the first EU member to regulate the cultivation of cannabis, did so to tap into the market’s revenue and to guarantee people could consumer marijuana products safely.

Germany recently legalized marijuana to make it more accessible to people who need it and to take advantage of the tax revenue.

Challenges with Bill Approval

There are many politicians and people of power that support the bill that states Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis. For example, TD Kenny stated that the “existing legislation is out of date and out of time. We need a different narrative around drug reform,” during a debate in the lower house of Irish Parliament.

It has also received support from the Irish people and cannabis advocates. However, there are many challenges that exist with getting the bill approved.

For example, the London based advocacy and communications organization Voltface reported that getting support from the government would be difficult due to the current coalition between Fine Gael (the liberal conservative and Christian democratic party in Ireland), Fianna Fail (the Republican and Christian Democratic Party in Ireland) and the Green party (an eco-socialist left party in Ireland). These groups do not show a favorable stand on the proposed bill.

While some politicians might favor the bill, they may vote against it because of their political party’s stance on it.

Furthermore, there are concerns that passing the bill that supports Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis, would glamourize the drug. Prime Minister Michael Martin revealed in an interview that he was concerned that the legalization of cannabis would make it more desirable to young people.

“I would prefer a system that decriminalizes in the sense that it were there to help people with challenges with harmful substances such as cannabis. Cannabis can do real harm too, to young people, and many people in the medical world have said that to me. That’s just a concern I have. I’ve been a strong advocate for the facilitation of medical cannabis for people,” Martin stated.

Only Medical use is Legal in Ireland

Currently, cannabis is legal in Ireland for medical use only. However, those with medical approval still face issues getting the treatment they require. They can only access treatment with approval from the Health Ministry making it complicated for some to get the care they need when they need it.

What is the Misuse of Drugs Act?

If the proposal for Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis passes, it will modify the Misuse of Drugs Act.

The Misuse of Drug Act went into effect into 1977 and enforces regulations and penalties regarding drug possession for personal use. It states that possession of any amount of cannabis is punishable by fine and possibly imprisonment.

The act for Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis would amend The Misuse of Drug act allowing adults 18 years of age and over to possess up to 7 grams of cannabis or 2.5 grams of cannabis resin (hashish).

The Next Steps

The Irish Government began preparing for a Citizens Assembly on Drug Use which will take place in 2023. It will bring the powers that be together to discuss the policy’s benefits and concerns. It could also open a discussion regarding the legal possession of cannabis for personal use.

In the meantime, we can only wait to see how things will turn out for Ireland wants to legalize recreational use of cannabis.