Heavenly Sweet

Heavenly Sweet edibles are made using the finest quality ingredients and prepared adhering to the highest standards. They are prepared by an experienced and knowledgeable ServSafe certified staff in a California State Public Health certified commercial kitchen. Their Sweet edibles are created with the adult palate in mind incorporating satisfying flavor and textural combinations with accurate medicinal levels. They carefully weigh, measure and time each product. Furthermore, they test for content, molds, fertilizers, solvents and microbials with SC Laboratories to ensure safe and consistent medicinal content and reliable effect. Patient satisfaction is their only goal.  

 When Heavenly Sweet began in 2008, there were no industry standards for dosing medicated Cannabis edibles. At the time, they adopted the California (Prop 64) guideline of 10mg per dose.  This came to also be adopted by the state of California. Every product is state-compliance tested and clearly labeled so that consumers can make an informed decision. Heavenly Sweet edibles are made with Cat 2 distillate derived from sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis. They infuse every product with careful precision to maintain the medicinal benefits.  Additionally, Heavenly test throughout the process to ensure quality and consistency.