Supplied By 1964

The 1964 Supply Company is named partly for the recognition of the year that Professor Mechoulam discovered the THC molecule in cannabis. The year 1964 also symbolized a time of socio-cultural revolution that changed how we think, work, discover, invent, play, and create. Public opinion began to shift from reefer madness to mad about reefer. Throughout the 60s, this movement began to revolutionize the modern world. 

Today, it is the legalization and democratization of cannabis that is re-opening the dialogue for change in our society. This type of paradigm shift is at the core of their brand ethos, as they strive to be a driving force in the conversations to come. 1964 Supply Co. strives to be synonymous with these changes by joining the craft cannabis movement. It’s time to shatter stereotypes, shift paradigms and elevate the image of American Craft Cannabis. If there was ever a time to disrupt the cannabis industry and forge a new path, now is that time.