People dealing with anxiety in New Mexico are getting some relief as medical weed for anxiety in NM is now legally approved. Officials in the state have approved anxiety disorders as a qualifying condition under the state’s medical marijuana program.

Why Medical Weed for Anxiety in NM is Important

The New Mexico Cannabis Advisory Board noted that up to 25% of New Mexico’s population, equaling around 465,000 people, could be dealing with anxiety. The new ruling would allow them to get some relief if they are doctor approved.

The move to make medical weed for anxiety in NM legal was largely advocated by physician assistant Stephanie Richmond and Dr. Jean Paul Dedam, both of whom are advisory board members. They asked if they could add their own petition when public petitions to add certain mental conditions to the program abruptly ceased when cannabis was legalized for adults 21 and over.

In addition to bringing relief to patients, medical weed for anxiety in NM will reduce the need for benzodiazepines which are commonly prescribed for anxiety disorders. While benzos are effective, they cause unwanted side effects and can easily lead to addiction. Cannabis is not known to be physically addictive, nor does it cause many physical side effects.

Dedam is also hoping the legalization of medical weed for anxiety in NM will reduce stigmas and misinformation and open a forum for discussion on using cannabis for more medical conditions.

Implications of the Medical Weed for Anxiety in NM Change

The change of legalizing medical weed for anxiety in NM goes into effect on Jan. 1. Once active, it could expand the medical cannabis program with thousands of patients partaking. While dispensary managers are seeing this as a positive step forward, they note that recommending dosages will be the responsibility of cannabis shop employees until doctors are more aware of the products and their effects.

Richmond and Dedam excused themselves from voting on the petition, but the four remaining board members unanimously approved it.

Does Cannabis Really Help with Anxiety?

The legalization of medical weed for anxiety in NM will help many people. But can it hurt others? Cannabis is known to produce feelings of relaxation in some, but it can also increase anxiety symptoms. Therefore, it’s important that it’s used responsibly.

Let’s start by establishing the difference between CBD and THC. Both are cannabis constituents, but THC has psychoactive characteristics while CBD does not.

Both types of marijuana have been used for their calming effects. They are said to increase relaxation and help with sleep. They have been used to treat a variety of anxiety-related conditions including:

However, marijuana can also aggravate anxiety. This is particularly common with THC use. Its psychoactive affects have been known to increase heart rate and promote racing thoughts to make anxiety worse.

There are also other side effects associated with marijuana use including the following:

How to Use Marijuana Safely

If you would like to try marijuana to treat your anxiety issues, the following guidelines will help you have the best possible experience.

The legalization of medical weed for anxiety in NM should bring some changes for the better. But all users must be aware of how cannabis may affect them before partaking. Be careful when you use marijuana products so you can be sure it’s doing all it can to increase your wellness.