6 Top Quality Pot Shops in California

With a handful of highly regarded California dispensaries out there, it is important to know which ones are the best to visit when you’re in the area. Not only that, but those looking for great California dispensaries will be delighted to know that many of these dispensaries have quality product and knowledgeable workers. You can have all of your questions answered when you stop in one of the dispensaries looking for a particular product. Whether you live in the area or are just passing through, these California dispensaries including Santa Ana Pot Shop provide multiple products that you can take a look at.

 The Emerald Triangle – San Francisco Bay Area

Known as the only solar powered cannabis store in the area, this is one of the places you have to see to believe. They provide wholesome, earthy-types of ingredients for all the cannabis that they sell. They have yoga classes, are located in a very scenic area that is off the highways and the roads for tranquility and peace. Not only that, but since it is a triangle, there are three stops along the way. There is the store, ranch and tours that take you through the marijuana farms and teach you how the plants grow.

South Coast Safe Access – Central Orange County

South Coast Safe Access is one of the best Santa Ana Pot Shops in Orange County, to stop in and not only grab your marijuana and marijuana-based products, but also to get some awesome advice. If you’re new to the whole smoking scene, edibles or just the effects that these products have on the body, speaking with someone that provides wholesome, trustworthy information is ideal. South Coast Safe Access employs professionals who have been in this business and used the products. Therefore they can provide the best advice for a product or strain when you are searching for a desired effect or relief. Operating as an Orange County pot shop or dispensary, they provide insightful information that is helpful and quality product that is effective. With a strong place in the community, this Santa Ana pot shop strives to give back and provide additional research on the marijuana products on the market. No matter is you are looking for a pot shop in Santa Ana, Tustin, Irvine or the surrounding areas, South Coast Safe Access is your number one Orange County pot shop choice.

 Harborside Health Center – San Jose

If you’re thinking of using marijuana for your medical needs, finding the right Orange County dispensary is ideal. Not only do you want them to provide you with in-depth knowledge of the product that you’re going to be using, but also a quality product at that. With high recommendations, they provide users with a way to enjoy reducing their symptoms, while also having many choices to go with for strains and method of using the product. They even have a delivery service, so you don’t have to come to them, they will come to you. They work with the power of medical marijuana that provides the relief so many in the area seek.

 CBCB – Berkeley

With a full staff of counselors and a wide range of strains, they have everything you may need from a California dispensary. They do a lot of research in the dispensary which many find innovative. This puts them at the top of the list of being one of the most notable because they are trying to understand the evolution of marijuana and how it can help the world around us, as well as those living in it. With knowledge comes power and they have a dispensary that is trying to get both so that the world moves just a bit easier with marijuana involved.

 Top Shelf Delivery – Los Angeles

For those that not only want high-quality cannabis but a delivery service that you just call up, order and have the marijuana delivered; this is the dispensary to work with. One of the biggest parts of their service that makes them even more appealing is the fact that they are non-profit. They work behind the scenes to ensure that everyone is comfortable when delivering the cannabis throughout the entire area. They make sure that everyone enjoys cannabis responsibly and provides more information on each of their strains, while answering questions when you give them a call to learn more.

Whatever your ailment or symptom is, choosing the right Orange County pot shop / dispensary will help provide you with the right marijuana or marijuana type product. Choosing the right dispensary for you is ideal. While there may be a handful close to you, a quality one is the best one to use for the needs that you have. Go with a dispensary that makes you comfortable to work with them, while also providing you with the essential quality product you ask for. All are located in California, all provide excellent services; these are the California dispensaries worth checking out.