There are always new strands coming and going in the market. It is a time for change and that means being able to find the right change through the right product that you purchase. Putting your money down on something that is not going to deliver the results you seek is not something anyone wants to do. Try the different strands for yourself and see how they work for you and if they provide the right effect. Of course, if you’re unsure of what strand to go with, speaking with a professional at the dispensary in Orange County you prefer most is highly recommended.


One of the most loved and talked about strains currently on the market for this year, it provides a nice mix between Purple Punch and Clementine. It definitely has a fruity undertone that is hard to come by with some of the other strains. It not only tastes good, but also those shimmering leaves make it look good. You might not want to break it up because of how nice it looks, but it is one of the best products used for terpene or hash according to users.

If you’ve ever had a mimosa before then you know that the citrus orange flavor is what overpowers the alcohol. It is a delicious drink and the same holds true for the marijuana that shares the same name and flavor overall. It is a must-try for those that love fruity undertones and want something a bit more delicious to enjoy.


Tina is one of the heaviest hitting Indica out there. It is definitely very popular, noteworthy and deserves a try.  Named after a fancy lady, you can be sure that she gives the biggest hit of them all. She has a lot of passion in each flavorful mouthful. Derived from the best genetics, the quality standards that went into producing this strain were some of the highest that the market has ever seen.

High in THC, the potent flavor and smell of Tina is going to draw you in and give you the effects only a quality Kush can give. Tina even won an award in 2017 at the High Times SoCal Harvest.

The Vision

Crossing a few different strains, this one was invented, and it is a good one. It is a hybrid that really makes you think about all that comes with life. Properly named, “The Vision” it is a strain that is a must-try on many smoker’s lists. Many growers purchased this product because they feel it is one of those that go fast within their booths. Since it is a strain from a strong, lemony, flavorful plant, you can expect this one to come with pretty uplifting effects.

Mixed in together, the up effects with the down effects bring the vision that you’re unable to get from anywhere else. It is a vision that takes you elsewhere.


This strain was only left out for a limited time, which means that those that were not able to catch it right away might have a hard time being able to do so the next time around. Who knows when it might be back on the shelves? For those of us that did grab some, though. We know what 999 is all about.

As a crossbreed, it is a Kush that is sure to pack not only a lot of flavor with each hit but also the ability to provide a high standard weed prototype that makes everyone happy with the outcome. It has a pungent, sharp yet smooth pine flavor which many love with the other strains out there such as Triangle Kush and Biker Kush. It is a must try on so many people’s lists.

Finding the Perfect Strain from Your Orange County Dispensary

If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, then you will want to give these four flavors a try. Stopping into one of the best places to buy marijuana in OC can provide you with plenty of opportunity to find the perfect Kush, terpene or even just the marijuana that you need. The dispensaries in Orange County provide all of those that stop by with recommendations on which product to purchase depending on the effects they’d like to have and they always stock the best and newest strains that have come out in the recent years. Enjoy that blissful feeling that comes with smoking something deep, throaty and delicious when you stop by the OC dispensary for the marijuana strains that you’re looking to indulge in.

Visit South Coast Safe Access, an excellent Orange County Dispensary, and give one of these new strains a try.