Marijuana used to be banned as a Class I Felony drug if you were carrying enough of it on you. However, with recent studies being conducted and more information becoming available, it is now thought of as an excellent tool for many conditions, diseases, and ailments that people suffer from. Marijuana is thought to help with everything from managing pain to curing some effects of epilepsy. Now, with potential legalization of marijuana, you’re easily able to enjoy the benefits that come from this drug without having to worry about its legality issues. Plus, when looking at the extra cash that is brought into the states that have already legalized it, as well as the jobs that were created, and the decrease in crime rates, it is one of those decisions that many lawmakers are jumping on board for.

The Next States to Get on Board with Legalization

According to the statistics and the trends that are being seen on the market, many new states, 15 to be exact, are considering a change in the way that marijuana is viewed within their states. Whether it is due to the changing attitudes towards the drug or because the neighboring states are all making it legal, they are thinking of making this a legal substance to have.

Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois all seem to be the next states on the list that are looking to legalize the use of this amazing little green plant. Many lawmakers have agreed that this is the next step in the right direction. Not only are many of the states around them legal for recreational OC marijuana use, but they’re also considering the attitudes of those that are currently living in the area through a common vote.

This is different from the medical marijuana dispensaries in Santa Ana that is legal in 29 other states. Only 9 states currently, and Washington, D.C., allow the use of marijuana on a recreational basis.

What Citizens Want

For the most part, it has been shown that citizens in all of these states, even those that have yet to talk about OC marijuana legalization, are for the change. Not only do they want to see innovative new ways to help with many medical conditions, but they are also thinking about the increase in jobs and revenue in these areas, plus the decrease in crime rates when this drug is no longer an illegal one to own.

Building a Stable Budget in This Economy

Many of the states that have already Marijuana Legalization have found that by doing so, it led them to a more stable budget in their state overall. Washington has already funded their school system with many benefits that they would otherwise not be able to afford with their current tax structure.

In Colorado, they have actually built a whole school from the use of the marijuana money that is coming into the state. This helped numerous students find a safe haven within an area that was built using the tax dollars that come from the sale and legality of marijuana.

It was promised in Colorado that marijuana would bring in an estimated $40 million dollars per year when it was legalized. As it turns out, they are bringing in that and much more due to the overwhelming response that followed. In 2014, Colorado collected over $60 million in taxes on marijuana alone. As the years moved forward, the amount collected has grown substantially.

While people were worried that this would lead into other drug use and addiction, a portion of the money that is coming in from the sales is used to treat and help those that have addictions, regardless of whether or not marijuana was their drug. This is a change that is going to help the communities where these people can now thrive, live, work, and provide for the area. Once they go through the treatment program, the hope is that they are going to come out a productive citizen within that area. Since Marijuana Legalization in these areas, they’re then welcome to use this as an option for their drug treatment.

When the country is in despair and more jobs and stimulation in the economy are needed, marijuana in Orange County and the surrounding areas seems to have been the force that was able to save many of the states that have legalized it. As more and more states see these areas prospering, they are deciding that it might be time to consider doing the same thing within their state.