Growers in the industry have come up with some pretty cool things that are marijuana based, each just as fascinating as the next. With many products hitting the market, legalized and ready to go, a lot of marijuana enthusiasts or those looking for management of their conditions are trying new ways to get benefits from the marijuana plant. CBD, for example, is one of these products.

In Seattle, Cannacon is one of those gatherings where those that love marijuana, that grow marijuana, and that are in the industry come together to show off their latest inventions. You may want to consider looking into some of these products if you have not tried them before. Many people use marijuana and CBD oil from Orange County and are feeling much better after giving it a try. Here are a few product to consider if you want to have marijuana as an active part of your life.

Newest Marijuana Products

The Green Jay

Imagine traveling with your marijuana and not having to worry about odor that might seep through the bags or spilling that oftentimes occurs. The Green Jay is a product that is there to help keep this from happening. Water resistant, discreet, child-proof, and air tight, this is everything you’ve ever wanted from a marijuana-based product.

Sensi Chew

Those that want pain relief or to sleep through the night can benefit from Sensi Chew. THC dominant, this medical grade marijuana product is helping those with pain reduce it, while also being able to calm the body and the nerves. It combines both THC and melatonin, in a nice chocolate-caramel package.

Smokus Focus

Lit up by an LED, handheld, and made from glass on all sides, this is the way that many shops and farmers should start selling their products. See the bud in its full potential with the use of this pod that allows you to do so. It is a way that those purchasing bud are able to see what they are buying before they buy it. The container can be completely filled up and even re-used time and time again. They create less waste while giving consumers the ability to see what they are buying. This is a game-changer for numerous Orange County dispensaries.

HempSMART Pain Cream

Instead of going to the smelly pain cream section of the drugstore to find something to rub on those sore muscles, this is an alternative. As one of the first products designed in the hemp market, it continues to grow in popularity when used as a pain reliever instead of the other options. All-natural and completely free of any medications, this cream is a reliable personal care product.

Paracanna Zen Zingers

Who doesn’t love candy? With these kits, you can love candy and love a bit of marijuana in it, as well. This makes eating the candy well worth it. You can then make your own cannabis that you purchase completely edible and delicious. It is cost effective, offers four different flavors, and gives you a chance to experiment with different doses while making edibles Orange County, it is a great time when you can eat your cannabis but also make it on your own.

Bliss Pen

Preloaded with cannabis, this pen contains THC. It is disposable and easy to carry along with you wherever you go. It is also one of the most natural products you will find on the market that is pre-loaded with a ratio of 9:1 cannabis oil. It comes with approximately 200 doses in each of the pens, making it an ideal choice for those to bring around with them when a joint is something that is not possible.

Fast Stats on Marijuana Products

While some may think that edible products make up a large portion of the industry and the products that they sell, they do not. They’re actually not one of the fastest trending marijuana Orange County products on the market due to being able to make your own and not having to purchase them already made.

Non-consumable products are those that are trending the highest. Nearly half of the states in the country are interested in vaporizers, glass rigs, bubblers, and other products such as these. Those states that do not have legal marijuana usage are looking to their neighboring states that do to find stats on products being sold.

Non-THC products, such as CBD oil in Orange County, are some of the fastest growing products on the market. With many salves, balms, oils, and creams being made from the CBD products, it is no wonder that they’re thought of as the new cure for many conditions.