Smoking is one of the easiest and least expensive ways of consuming marijuana. But you must consider how you want to smoke your weed. Should you use a pipe, bong, blunt, or joint? This article will help you determine the best way to smoke marijuana so you can find the method that’s right for you.

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Different Ways to Smoke Marijuana

Before we review the best way to smoke marijuana, let’s get clear on the different ways to smoke marijuana.

What is the Best Way to Smoke Marijuana?

To determine the best way to smoke marijuana, let’s break down each smoking method according to category.


In terms of portability, joints are the best way to smoke marijuana. You can stash them in a small case that fits inside a purse or pocket. You can’t say the same for a bong or pipe.

You can take a blunt with you, but its larger size makes it harder to stash.

Ease of Use

Pipes win the ease-of-use category. All you must do is break up your weed, load it into the pipe, and smoke. They differ from blunts and joints that need to be rolled and eliminate the added step of filling a bong with water.

Smooth Smoking Experience

Weed can be harsh when you smoke it. It can irritate your throat and lungs.

If you find this experience unpleasant, you may want to smoke from a bong. The water filtration makes each hit smoother. Your throat and lungs won’t become as irritated.


If discretion is essential, joints are the best way to smoke marijuana. You can easily store them in a purse or pocket. When you are ready to smoke, go to a hidden destination and take a few drags.

Most Powerful High

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When it comes to powerful highs, there is no clear winner, but joints come in last.

Bongs tend to have big bowls that provide powerful highs. Pipes can have big bowls as well. So if it’s a contest between bongs and pipes, it depends on the size of the bowl you are smoking from.

Blunts are bigger than joints, so you will get a more powerful high from smoking a blunt.

Healthiest Smoking Experience

Many people feel bongs are the best way to smoke marijuana because the water filtration filters out toxins. It is often considered the healthiest weed consumption method.

Joints and blunts may be the least healthy ways to smoke weed.

The papers used for joint rolling may contain chemicals that contribute to an unhealthy smoking experience. You can make the experience healthier by using hemp-based papers that are not as toxic.

Blunt papers contain tobacco. And we all know how harmful tobacco can be to health.

Pipes lie somewhere in the middle. They are a healthy choice because their screens filter out ash. However, the screen material you use is also a factor.

Stainless steel is a preferred screen material due to its antimicrobial properties. Aluminum is not recommended because it can break down and get into your lungs.

Smokers should clean and replace their screens regularly. Failure to do so can result in the inhalation of unhealthy chemicals and bits of screen.

Type of High

Each smoking experience will give you a different type of high as follows:


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Smokers hope to get the perfect hit. They want a hit that will get them high. But they don’t want to overdo it and get overly high and irritate their throats and lungs.

Joints are the best way to smoke marijuana if control is a priority. You can take a toke and stop when you feel you’ve had enough.

Bongs and pipes are harder to control because the hit you take will depend on how much of the bowl surface area you ignite. You can try to light just a portion of the bowl for a smaller hit, but controlling the flame will be difficult.

Blunts share many characteristics with joints. So you can say they are easy to control as well. However, smokers must prepare for a bigger hit every time.

What is the Best Way to Smoke Marijuana?

There is no one answer when it comes to the best way to smoke marijuana. Bongs are great for a clean smoke, blunts will make you buzzy, pipes are an easy solution, and joints are discreet and portable. Determine which characteristic is most important to you to find the ideal smoking solution.

Here’s wishing you a great smoking experience.