Since coronavirus hit the scene and screwed pretty much everything up most people have been stuck inside their houses. With not much to do, many have resorted to getting high to pass the time. Nothing makes vegging out and watching movies or playing video games more enjoyable than a toke or a strong edible. In fact, 34 percent of cannabis users have reported that they are using it more frequently than before the quarantine. Additionally, 16 percent say they are using higher doses or having a longer smoke session in general. The numbers are even higher among millennials who say that their overall frequency of use has gone up 41 percent with higher doses since the start of the quarantine.

Why Is This A Trend?

This should come as no surprise as quarantine life is boring and frankly, scary as hell. Many people are worried about their futures, their health, and those of their loved ones around them. They are bored of staring at the same four walls every single day. On top of that, they really need something to take the edge off and calm their minds. Boredom is a great motivator to smoke or use more pot. Add that to just plain having more time and of course, we stoners are going to use more weed than if we had to lead semi-normal lives every day. In fact, it makes a great companion while stuck inside. Furthermore, we are all a bit stressed out and personally I cannot think of anything better for stress than eating an edible with a massive dose. On many occasions, my partner and I have gotten blitz out of our minds and put on some dumb YouTube videos only to forget the world is collapsing around us.

Is This Good or Bad?

A bit of both I guess. We are a far cry from the yesteryears when being a stoner was considered a bad thing. Of course, if you waste too much of your time being stoned you might come out of this quarantine with a few extra pounds and regret not writing a book or learning a language. However, it is definitely a good thing to handle stress the right way and on your terms. It seems that in this day and age, there is no right or wrong way to handle the pandemic. One thing is certain higher pot use is definitely a good thing for the cannabis industry as a whole. Just make sure you always smoke weed with precaution. If you want to keep your distance, consider options like edibles. Smoking weed could put you more at risk for COVID, so make sure you are always taking steps to stay safe. We have seen selling weed go from a major felony to essential business and that right there can tell you how far we have come as a society. Weed is an amazing plant with so many benefits and is finally here to stay. We can be sure that after this pandemic is through, the industry will continue to grow and more and more will look to its healing and relaxing powers.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your High

The key to getting high during quarantine is finding the right balance between getting high and being productive. This can be a tough task as watching the world collapse probably makes you want to get stoned a hell of a lot more. But do not fret, here are some tips to help you be productive and proactive in the face of coronavirus.

Get Crafty!

A great activity that is often more fun while high is crafting. You might want to stay away from power tools or something that could maim you, but coloring, sculpting, drawing, painting, knitting, and so many more make great ideas to combine your love of weed and not wasting time. Crafting also helps to ease the mind and these two activities will go hand in hand. On top of that, there is nothing cooler than seeing something you created that you can proudly display on your wall, shelf, or body.

Get Baked!

Learn to bake. Then you can bake while being baked. Just be careful not to burn yourself on the hot oven. If you get good enough, you can even learn to infuse your own cannabis and can make everything with weed in it. Just think weed pizza, weed pretzels, weed bread, just about weed anything.

Get Outside!

Maintain your distance but get outside. A great hobby to pick up right now is gardening. Not only are you outside, but it is super rewarding and you can eat the bounty. You could even use what you grow your craft projects or stuff that you might bake. It’s a winner all around. Another excellent idea is to dust off that bike in the garage and give it a ride. Bike shops are an essential business so get out there and support your local bike shop if that bad boy needs a tune-up. Nothing helps to fight disease and depression as well as some sunshine. So get baked, get outside, and enjoy nature!