It goes without saying that sex is a priority in most of our lives. It drives advertising decisions, dictates who we spend time with, and even often invades our time online with naughty images and dirty deeds. The average person thinks about sex multiple times a day and anyone who says differently is probably lying. It is ingrained in a human being to want to pass on their genetic code, but beyond that, it just feels damn good and makes life a very pleasurable experience.

The problem is that as we grow older life seems to get in the way. Maybe you are too stressed out to seek out a partner or even have sex at all. Or it’s possible that work has got you bogged down and all of your free time is spent here or there doing this or that. With our lives full of work and stress, it leaves us less time in the day to pursue pleasure. Although maybe that is just what we need in the most trying of times. A little bit of spice and romance can make all the difference and helps to relieve a ton of stress. Going one step further there is a variety of cannabis-infused products out there on the market designed to enhance your and your partner’s sexual encounters. In fact, in a recent study, it was found that marijuana users have 20 percent more sex than non-cannabis users! Try these out and heat up your bedroom!

Foxy Rose CBD Cream by Carter’s Aromatherapy

Foxy Rose CBD Cream is made with a high-quality blend of CBD infused organic coconut oil, certified organic lotion base, organic mango butter, all-natural organic beeswax, organic rosemary oil, organic jojoba oil, organic Arnica oil, and last but not least an invigorating and arousing organic rose essential oil. Rose has been considered an aphrodisiac for many years and that power is harnessed in this product. With a beautiful floral scent that is very seductive and sensual, Foxy Rose CBD Cream can also be used to help inflammation, heal wounds, promote hydration, reduce acne, minimize stretch marks, increase relaxation & fix damaged skin. This makes it a great product to share with a partner and used in a passionate massage. With the great aroma promoting sexual arousal and the excellent healing benefits for the skin it is a win-win.

Pleasure Spray by Foria

Pleasure Spray is a fantastic lube infused with THC and CBD. It gets amazing reviews and has begun to build a loyal fanbase. The idea behind the spray is to increase blood flow to a woman’s lady parts. Increased blood flow has been known to improve sensation and reduce discomfort while having sex which just leads to better and more frequent orgasms. In fact, Shape magazine raved about this spray, saying, “It was like the dial had been turned up from 10 to 15. On a scale of 1-10.” There is also good news for those of you not located in a legal state. There is a CBD only option called Awaken Spray available for home delivery in all 50 states! In a side by side comparison, Pleasure seems to be stronger and more intense than it’s CBD only counterpart, but it is great to know there is another option.

Love Potion by Yummi Karma

Love Potion is an aphrodisiac tincture that contains 90mg of CBD and 210mg of THC. Not only does this work as a natural arousal tool, but it also helps to reduce anxiety. This delicious and slightly intoxicating formula is composed of MCT (fractionated coconut) oil, passionflower, guarana, ginseng, turmeric, and natural strawberry flavoring. Each component has its benefits. Passionflower helps to promote calm and also helps to relieve anxiety and nervousness, guarana boosts your energy and helps to better your focus, ginseng improves sex drive and sexual function, finally, turmeric enhances brain function and upgrades your mood. This unique blend of useful compounds goes together to produce a great tasting, but effective tincture when looking for that extra kick. Coupled with a slightly intoxicating effect from the THC/CBD combo it will be sure to spice up your love life.