South Coast Safe Access Gets Ready for Prop 215

South Coast Safe Access is Orange County’s #1 largest most reliable and highest quality dispensary. They provide themselves with their unique one-to-one relationships that they form with their patients. They strive to keep an inviting atmosphere within their dispensary where their patients will always feel welcome. SCSA hopes to create more of these meaningful relationships in the future to come. Their low prices are hard to beat when the quality is so high. SCSA takes into consideration that patients tend to feel more comfortable with a sense of discreteness and they enjoy working with patients of all kinds at their dispensary.

South Coast Safe Access prides themselves with a discounted service for veterans, retired police officers, firefighters, seniors and terminally ill patients or anyone with a disability.  Along with these services, SCSA provides daily specials and honors any patients that leave an honest review with a free gift on their next purchase. This creates a worthy persona that keeps many of their patients coming back to their dispensary for more.

South Coast Safe Access has also been getting ready for Prop 215 to take effect on January 1st, 2018. SCSA is in compliance with Prop 215, not Prop 64. Prop 215 allows the use of medical cannabis and cultivation for personal use. This proposition protects three groups of people: physicians, patients and caregivers. This exempts these individuals from criminal laws that prohibit possession or cultivation of marijuana. Physicians who recommend the use of marijuana for medical treatment cannot be punished or denied any right or privilege.

South Coast Safe Access has gained local approval and received a state license. Therefore, they will not suffer in California as a local Santa Ana dispensary. The company’s president went through a vetting process that included background checks and confirmed compilation with measure BB. SCSA has been the first regulated dispensary in southeast Santa Ana since 2015.

South Coast Safe Access is equipped with two secretaries that regularly check for identification cards, eight sales employees and two security guards along with a manager. Their staff has excellent product knowledge and offers pharmaceutical grade cannabis that helps patients of all kinds. Along with this knowledge, their staff educates their patients about the changes within the medical marijuana industry. This includes: new ways of consuming cannabis, the differences between the strains, explaining how terpene and different cannabinoid profiles work and other aspects of cannabis.

South Coast Safe Access is a product specialist company that offers high-quality concentrates, high-dose edibles, high mg doses of oil extracts and much more. They are equipped with thousands of products such as, flowers, extracts, edibles, waxes, shatters, topicals, salves and capsules. SCSA also sells glass products that include dabbing kits, vaporizers, papers, grinders and much more.

Another perk that South Coast Safe Access provides is that they carry lab tested products with results included directly on their menu. They partner with sclabs where the science of cannabis is implemented to maximize their potential with the power of their informational tools. These tests include: cannabinoid profiling, terpene analysis, pesticide testing, microbiological testing and residual solvent testing. Whether you are trying to choose from an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid strain; SCSA will provide you with accurate information to help all your medicinal needs.